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A photograph of white woman's face.  She is lying in bath water, with short dark hair floating around her face, and light reflecting from the surface of the water.  Only the top half of her face is is visible, and she is frowning.  Around her, you can see the shadow of her arms and phone held above her, and the phone's screen gently distorted in the surface of the water.


A 3 by 3 grid of images, headed with the date "monday 24th Feb 2020". Each square is light grey, and contains losely sketches black line drawings of between five and seven people, waiting in a line. The line flows from one square to the next, except the final square, which shows all the people at once, at a smaller scale.

The crowd before

A shame

A black ink monoprint drawing of a flamingo's head and neck, with a pink watercolour wash behind it. The flamingo's neck is curved back on itself, filling the page, and they are looking directly at the viewer.


A simple pencil portrait of a person with straight hair that covers their eyes and most of their nose. Only their mouth and chin is visible.

Lockdown hair

A border terrier dog sitting on a grey carpet in a studio. There are A4 drawings and a scanner on the floor next to them. Behind them is a table and computer, and shelves full of books and sketchbooks. Behind that is a window - it's sunny outside.

Studio shot

rest day

A drawing of the necks and heads of two gulls. They are facing each other and their long, curved beaks are touching. The drawing is scratched into a black inky surface


An overhead photo of an open cardboard delivery box, filled with small blank, gesso-coated wooden canvases of various sizes.

dare you

A decaying sign printed in black text on a white background. It's painted over rusty metal - the bottom half has have been scraped or worn away.  The only letters read "nature... &... or".

nature & or

A screenshot of the photo-roll on a mobile phone.  It's a series of 16 close-up images of a scruffy border terrier, lying on their back, sleeping on a sofa.


A black and white monoprint drawing of the head and shoulders of a spiny lizard, looking to the right.


Screen-grabs of the first result for google searches for statistics about what is average or normal in UK
1. Average minutes sleep per night (379.4)
2. The most common family type (married and civil partner couples, representing 67.1% of all families)
3. Average time to run 5k (33 minutes 54 seconds)
4. Median income (£29,900)
5. Average monthly food budget (£175 per person, of which £115 is spent on grocery and £60 on food prepared out)
6. Average time spent on social media (2 hours and 24 minutes per day)


An InDesign colour palette, loaded with the 8 colour swatches offered by my local risograph printing studio: yellow, orange, fluro pink, red, green, teal, blue and black.

riso template

A double-page in a kraft-paper sketchbook, showing the eyes and ears of a greenish bear, peeping up into the page.  Their face almost fills the spread.  Behind them is an inky, starry sky.

How do they smell? Terrible

Ten functions for your work