Andia Newton

Bio: Weaver, maker, fan of hermit crabs


Instagram: @andiacoralandiacoral

A pen drawing of two people with dark eyes and shading behind them


Oh no

Close up of brick red and baby blue wool in an interlocked plain weave

Late night weaving no time for anything else :((

Half woven tapestry which will read ‘100’. The numbers are yellow and the background is greeny blue

Weaving after work

Painted warp weaving of a pink bungalow with a tree and the sun. It is still on the loom so you can see the shuttle and parts of the loom

Mistakes were made while saving time

Very simple house drawing with orange background and green house. Pink windows

2 minute house drawing

A tapestry of a satellite with a person holding a sheep inside. Photograph of the moon and stars in background with drawings of stars all around

Collage for my weaving

Overlocked strips of white calico. Threads are red yellow and blue. Lots of loose threads


A window with plants and a patchwork curtain made of woven materials and naturally dyed cotton muslin.

Mock-up of curtains made of samples

Sketch of girl at loom with pink and blue background. Text reads “I usually listen to podcasts about hideous murders while I weave pretty tapestries

Guilty pleasure

Two men blurred either side of a dark bbq

Stay warm


The same pink person getting smaller with an irregular patchwork of obscure photographic images in the background. Two look like blue sky and clouds. It reads ‘time to nest’ in the bottom left corner

Nest time

No Coat Goats

A sharpie drawing depicting a hill with two rows of burial mound graves down the side and scattered people. Coloured with crayon, the sky is blue, and the ground is green and orange.

Hillside Avenue