Karolina Dworska

Bio: Contemporary Artist based in London. Drawing a dream a day.

Website: https://karolinadworska.com/

Instagram: @Karolinkadworska

Digital drawing of a strange blobby fleshy object. It is like a hunched over, flabby torso with a long neck. Its neck bends in a middle and leans against a stick balanced on its lower body.

Early start

Digital drawing of an abstract shape lying on the ground. It has a long neck, a knobbly spine and a torso of 5 rows of pairs of breast-like lumps.

you thought about seeing a gp about that?

Digital drawing of two fleshy strange abstract figures. They have fleshy stubby legs, protruding round bulging ribs and a long spinal neck. One is leaning against the other.

Why are u staring at me

Black and white digital sketch of a bullmastiff dog. There is goo flowing out his mouth.


Photo of an iPad on a bed. There is a digital drawing of a frog on top of a cylinder on grass on the screen.

Bad pick up lines

Digital drawing. A rigid purple shape of a body crouched down hangs off a big meat hook.

Back away pee wee

Digital drawing of hands holding an old brown book with Polish writing on it. The book says ‘koszmary dentystyczne’. There is an image of a lower jaw of teeth on the front cover.

‘Dental nightmares’ book I found in last night’s dream

Dream work

Digital sketch of cartoon ghost. Sketched out delicately with soft, sketchy faux-pencil lines.

Ghost redraw

Graveyard Strut animated

A photo of a bic lighter, with a stretched image of the work from Day 8, which consists of text-

‘Florida is wet but it will keep on getting wetter!’ 

And orange/pink colourful images of the Map of Florida increasingly stretched and corrupted.

Florida is wet but it will keep on getting wetter! lighter

Digital drawing. Two naked humanoid figures kneeling into each other, bent over, butts out. Instead of heads and arms they have long tubes, which are twisted up against each other in an embrace.

The cat chewed on my finger so I threw my arms away

Digital drawing in colour of a deconstructed hot dog sandwich. There is a floating slice of bread at the bottom, above it a pink hot dog, followed by three slices of pickle, and lastly the top slice of bread. There are 5 arrows in between the floating ingredients.

Dream hot dog deconstructed for your viewing pleasure


‘Florida is wet

But it will keep on getting wetter’

Three images. First is the yellow shape of Florida. The second is a warped, slightly pinker map of Florida. The last is a completely warped and glitched map of Florida.

Informational poster from last night’s dream

Digital drawing. Two conjoined blue arms: one is holding a big triangular shard of glass and the other is held open, with many smaller glittering shards floating above it.

Man in dream threatens me with glass shards before throwing them in the pond

Digital sketch. Dark brown pencil texture on a cream background with white highlights. One central figure: a short, cartoon humanoid in a puffy parka jacket and black boots. Their hood is tightened into a small tight hole so you cannot see their face. Around them there are 6 smaller creatures of the same design, with wind lines between them. The smaller creatures hold various things; top right holds a magnifying glass; middle left holds a sword.

Tapestry draft for a parka clad hivemind (Dana)

3 page black and white digitally sketched comic.

On the first page, there is a close up on two faces: a blonde woman in a shirt and a black haired man in a shirt. They are looking at each other. The next two panels zooms out from them: they are walking on a path in the mountains, somewhere which looks vaguely like Machu Picchu. 
The second page zooms in on formation of 13 cylindrical stone obelisks.
The third page zooms in further to reveal that two of the obelisks are in fact strange, fleshy ambiguous organisms that look almost vulva-like; with small tendrils reaching out.

Sketch of a graphic novel I read in a dream ( but imagine that Junji Ito drew it )

Screenshot of text from notes app which reads:


Novelty blue icy jumpers 
Something about the dragons from avatar
Something about (crossed out text ) being annoyed with me

dream leftovers

A saturated edited crayon drawing of a humanoid creature. The creature has a solid blue cartoonish body that only has legs, a lumpy abdomen and head. The head has a realistically-drawn human face, in hues of pink, blue and orange. The face has a blank expression and a keyhole crudely-drawn in the middle of this forehead.

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

A pencil and crayon drawing of a humanoid figure on all fours. The figure has no face and is very bony and elongated. It is coloured in blue, purple and orange colours. It is inside of a purple circle on a white piece of paper. The figure has very pronounced ribs and spine.

After the helicopter crash but before the spaghetti

Digitally edited crayon drawing of a musical instrument which is vaguely shaped like a guitar or keytar, with a cartoon pig as a body. On its neck are the colourful keys of a xylophone. Parallel to them are three guitar strings. The instrument is pink, with pink, blue and purple keys.

Dream instrument of ambiguous use and origin