Mia Stannard

Instagram: @daisysteiner

Digital collage of my hand flipping off the world from the car wing mirror

From the window

A photo of a trashy magazine with cut out parts from the notes app in my phone detailing how I’m feeling collaged over the headlines of magazine

Still only 85p

Digital collage of texts from artist to others talking about clothing sizes layered over photos of artist grabbing their own torso, at the bottom there is a photo of artist reclined.

Is this just an excuse to use a photo of my body that I don’t hate?

Digital collage of artist as child reading newspaper while sitting on toilet and in background photo of notes taken from previous therapy session


Picture of artists right and left hand with black outline around them, left side with pink hue and right side with lilac hue


Screenshot of text to friend stating “I’ve quit Costa already ahahaha” with cut out collaged letters spelling out “I quit” cut from google search “how to quit my job”

I quit

Wash your face