kate hockey


meme format: man with girlfriend looks at other woman

man label: me
girlfriend label: making new creative art with lots of thought
other woman label: remaking memes


meme format - man with woman looks over at other woman. 

man is labelled ‚anna‘
women the man is with is labelled ‚sexual health‘
woman man is attracted to is labelled with ‚bitch i’m not using a dental dam‘

dental dam

a mcdonald’s drink with a burger patty over the lid, 2 anime girls one on top of the other holding her down, a motivational image and writing about girlbossism

meme collage

sliced black and white images of building in berlin


a black and white photograph of a piece of paper with the words ‚staff room‘ printed on it.

staff room

abstract brown and black shapes in ink formed from a repetition of dots


a murky orange and brown photo of flowers


a silhouette of a man from behind. he is stood between translucent sheets of fabric and a diamond shape is projected onto him. the image is mostly darker blue with some light blue

i miss staying out all night

abstract painting with varying shades of blue, black and white - some of the shapes are raised off the canvas slightly


abstract digital image. blue, purple, grey, black and white. the image has contrast between sharp shapes and blurred shadow like shapes.


a digital image with many abstract shapes and lines, the colours are similar to how petrol looks on wet pavement


an image of red, black and white. the image is like static/glitch with lots of small irregular square shapes. digital texture.


a digital image made using photos of a ceramic object which has been made into a pattern. a black background has round shapes repeated across it irregularly. the colours of the object is a greyish hue, and there is red and orange tones on the image. the shapes themselves have depth to them as they are images of a 3D object - a ceramic ball with texture created from many holes across the surface - some deeper and larger, whilst some are smaller and more shallow.