Esme Armour

A picture of some pink T-shirt fabric in front of a sewing machine, partly seen. On the fabric is an image of a dog with a parasol, with flowers pinned to it and ric rac sewn to it in a zig zag.

I promised I’d make this T-shirt into a bag for my auntie two years ago, today I got slightly closer

A photograph taken outside of a hand holding a muddy root of a plant, with green leaves extended from its top. The root is twisted and separated so it almost looks like a human body running.

Valerian running

Split screen- two photographs. The top is a city view at night, with a block of flats lit only at the top and a crescent moon above it. The bottom image is of a fire in an old galvanised dustbin, the flames are orange and so is the light cast by the unseen setting sun. The bin is surrounded by low growing greenery and is tinted green by corrosion. Text across the centre of the image reads ‘I take’ over the fire image, and ‘a nap’ over the cityscape.


Holme sluices

A photo of a cartoon strip on white paper in black felt too, with a greyboard surround. 
The first frame shows a simple house with a cat silhouetted in the window, flowers outside. Text: ‘One day in april’. 2nd frame a black cat lounges on paving slabs under an enormous sun. 3rd a black and white cat up close in front of an abstract woven fence. 4th The two cats meet in a pool hall, a bottle of milk in between them. Text: ‘TBC..’

Spot on (collab. with Adam)

A screenshot of a product preview. In the centre a digitally rendered mock up of several drawings of the same cat printed on to a tea towel in cartoon strip like panels. Text In one corner reads ‘queen of my heart’. The image is on a white background. The surround is greyed out but you can read buttons - ‘back to design’ and ‘proceed to cart’ in left and right bottom corners.

Tea towel/1

Milk bottles

Black pen drawing on white paper, of a black cat. The lines are sketchy and the shading is inconsistent.


A finely worked black pen drawing with minimal shading on off white a3 paper of - in a row - a small rounded vase with dried grass, a candle holder with two twisted candles and an unevenly glazed vase with a stem sticking out (the top goes off the page).


Multicoloured pencil drawing on paper, lit green by an unseen TV screen. A person in profile, with shoulder length hair tucked behind one ear, looks ahead with a nervous expression, one hand near their face.

Brandon Sergeant vs Rebecca Kenna

An A3 piece of paper with loose, overlapped, incomplete drawings of snooker players in felt pen and pencil, drawn on both sides of the paper with greenish light shining through as it is held up to the glow of a TV. Indecipherable handwritten text covers the bottom left.

Eurosport life drawing Hendry vs White

iPhone photo drawn on digitally - at the centre are 3 sylvanian families figures: babies, a deer, a bear and a rabbit, holding binoculars corn on the cob and a frying pan. The drawn pattern covers 2/3 of the page, and is a hazy red and white gingham with blue and pink sketchy patterns which resemble smocking.


Split screen horizontally two photos. The top image is a close up of light blue embroidery in an abstract curving shape in feather, chain and running stitch; on a darker blue and green striped fabric. Bottom image is a slightly blurry photo taken with flash of a hand stroking a black and white cat on the street. The cat is sitting with its eyes closed.

Sampler/full moon friend

Split screen photo horizontally - top photo is shadows falling on a wooden fence in woodland to create a striped effect. Bottom photo is hand smocked fabric in a variety of patterns, with blue stripes of fabric seen between the green gathers.


Photo of a handmade book with a cardboard cover collaged with a piece of a pencil drawing on tracing paper and coloured washi tape. The book stands upright on a messy desk.