Going through endless pics of work and work in progress I realised how much the orange B&Q buckets feature on my screen. Wonder if that explains why I use so much orange in the drawings?


Didn’t make a work while waiting for the kettle but spotted one while waiting for the bus. Readymade on doorstep. Concrete cast.


The brief fitted perfectly with my plan for today giving an induction on plaster. Pouring plaster definitely follows the path of least resistance. Happy to be with the brief today spot on😂

Got to be plastercasting

Much more comfortable making things up than writing things up.
Archseason continues, turning arches inside out finding amazing textures and shapes in the clay. Love playing with multiples and variants.

Arches inside out

Using yesterday’s paper cuts as starting point to explore weight and tension in these arched clay shapes. 
All collapsed in the end. But “arch-seasons ” as Hiromi calls it, is not over yet...

Balanced on the hip

Spending one our silent drawing on sculptorsdrawingspace in zoomland. Around 40 of us draw together every Monday evening. It’s a collaboration of quiet mutual concentration.

Not so solid rock

Just a sketch today


So complex...
Kept it simple

haus window garden

Dear Marie Therese 
I put this small sculpture in the post for you. So tired of looking at art on screen. I am sure you feel the same. Please keep It if you like it or send it on to someone be who you think might like it. Or maybe send one of your drawings or a small sculpture . Ask to send something as well. Let’s share some reality. Hope to see you soon


I asked my friend and amazing artist Saya Sugawara for feedback and advice this morning and got a sound “carry on” . So here we go, hands stuck in mud and plaster casting another muddy mountain. Hope she had a great day in the darkroom.

Carry on

I got through half way making this piece in clay today, but the studio was to cold for the clay slabs to firm up. They stayed nice and floppy and there was no way making them stand up for this cuboid construction not to mention holding cups in it’s windows. So sketch will have to do for today.


love collecting things while going for walks, often just remaining in trousers or jackets pockets. These #whelk egg pouches I picked up a couple of days ago at herne bay. I dipped them into stoneware slip and try to build an arch in a plaster mould. I will fire it and burn the found objects out with the #ceramic shell remaining


I finally cast three birds nest found in our garden last winter in black and white clay slip. I will fire them later on burning all combustible material away only leaving the ceramic shell behind

Casting birds nest

Looking closely at water in a crystal glass with the help of various lenses, meniscus, water, flow, bubbles, glas, edges

Looking at something very closely

Tools from my clay tool box
Dried fruit skins 

Clay tools - texture -support-model

Thinking of my sculptures when I walk -thinking of my walks when I draw -thinking of both when I sculpt

Thinking when I walk

Thinking about your brief...