Kim Haskins

Bio: I'm notionally an artist but a commercial one, and most well known for painting pictures of cats. I license these images for use on products like greetings cards and giftware. It's been a career without much plan so far and I don't even have a cat right now, so I feel like a fraudulent cat lady. I try not to paint or draw cats when I'm creating art for art's sake and trying to explore new artistic expressions and techniques however I genuinely do love animals and my pictures are usually populated by them. In my personal (ie non-commercial) artworks I attempt to seek joy in the process rather than approval or any particular end result. It's all therapy and work in progress, basically.


Instagram: @kimhaskinsart

A drawing / small painting of a cute pony

“You should draw ponies”

Abstract colours painted on canvas in thick strokes. Mainly dark greens and browns with accents of pink, turquoise and yellow.

Imposter syndrome

Drawing in red nail varnish of a human face and a hand dropping food down to a bird

Feeding a bird (old nail varnish on scrap paper)

Two images with different date stamps next to each other to demonstrate progress of a painting

Side by side with date stamps

Several drawings of cartoonish faces

5 minute faces

Soak-stained canvas in pink / orange tones in a circular shape that makes the image look a bit like a peach.

Stained peach

Luckily I'm feeling a bit blank today

White line child-like drawing of two monsterish figures against an abstract turquoise, brown and pink background

Electric Protective Golem

Childlike white line drawing of a large monster-ish character next to a smaller one

Protective Golem (collaboration with my son, aged 7)

Drawing of a woman saying hello to a cat through a window

Nice To See You

A gold model of a creature that looks like a donkey crossed with a llama

Gold donkey-llama

A sketch of an old-looking dog

An old dog feeling ok about life

A drawing of a happy dog with blue and brown flowers decorated on its body

Decorate the dog

A heart-shaped canvas decorated in colourful abstract paint, hanging in a window

Home is where the art is

The words Guilty Pleasure with ‘guilty’ crossed out and replaced with ‘just’

Just Pleasure Thanks

A white line drawing abstractly depicting a human figure in a squat with raised praying arms against a dusky pink

Squatting in prayer

Sketchy painting of a fluffy cat walking away from the viewer, its tail in the air.

Pin the bum hole on the cat

Outline of a hand with title "SPARE HAND" and descriptions of what the extra hand can do, like helping to change a duvet cover.

Spare Hand

Semi-abstract line drawing on pale pink

Lovely Lines

Some sentences written in a sort of haiku format in fountain pen on the left page. On the right, a watercolour sketch of some geese flying past a rainbow.

Free Geese Haiku