Liz Rose

Instagram: @lizroseartist

Hand sticking out in studio.

Gestures for drawings

An image of black text with a green neon outline reading:
‘Create some vibes
Take some time
And chill the f*ck out’

Chill out

Sign stuck in the window that reads ‘Hello world, are you still there?’. The photo is taken from outside, at nighttime, looking into the lit interior.

Hello world, are you still there?

Pencil drawing from the perspective of first person looking down at a blank page on their lap, the head is not in view. Their hand holds the page open and their feet are up on the table in front. There is a tv behind the table with a pair of eyes on it, set in a black and white hypnotic spiral.

I love to live in TV land

Charcoal drawing with colour added in places, building the image up, in oil pastel. woman sits of a blue picnic blanket in grass with feat outstretched toward the viewer with an umbrella open behind her. To her right is a large houseplant, a torso mannequin and a bust, which she looks at. The background is a mix of dark and mid blue with charcoal.

The Garden Party (work in progress)

Screenshot of suggestions when typing in the phrase 'how to be an artist' in google.


A tool constructed of sticking a piece of charcoal on the end of a paintbrush, allowing for abstract drawing and painting.

Painting with charcoal

Two space spread on a sketchbook. Left hand image: charcoal drawing and oil pastel drawing, yellow and orange flowers with a light blue background. Right hand image: oil pastel drawing of yellow and orange dried flowers, with a purple background, in a white vase on a green surface.

Spring Blooms

A young woman sits on a picnic blanket in the grass in a small garden. She sits beneath a black umbrella to the left and is surrounded by a large cheese plant and pregnant mannequin torso to the right and looks into the face of a bust to the front right, which we can see the back of, with chin resting on her hand. She looks sad and bored and it is a grey day, she is wearing a large coat which suggests it is not picnic weather.

Exercises In Loneliness: A Tea Party With Lockdown Friends