Abi Palmer

Website: http://www.abipalmer.com/

Instagram: @abipalmer_bot

Screenshot of a phone memo with words redacted using an online paintbrush. Different names are redacted so it reads as:

[redacted] cult book to do:


- [Pink name] diving at [blue name] from top of table and headbutting mid-dive
- Pesto [Purple name] being hit with a glass bottle, doing the gig with blood on his head
- Me and [yellow name] watching the news at a sleepover
- The daily routine when [pink name] moves in
- Discussion of his [orange word] problem 
- Describe hairy dave’s shoe collection

To-Do List, Mine, Wednesday, Never Done

A photo of some blue bins at a recycling centre overflowing with electrical goods

“We are learning to sit with the sadness, aren’t we? We are finding the magic in becoming not ok.”

Six mock-ups for helium balloons with cups of overflowing cherry syrup, copulating slugs and mushrooms on them. They have slogans that read “you can never un-taste what has always been just at the end of the tongue,” “oh! Your iridescent queerness” “just 2 slugs making sexy pearls” and “Abi Palmer: A Visceral & Horrifying State”

Balloon Bouquet: Oh! Your Iridescent Queerness / A Visceral & Horrifying State

Pinky purple plastic edge of a fruit machine, close up of a button that has been modified with tape to read “G is for Go Lie Down: Automatic play”

I made a button to do access work for me but no-one is able to touch it

A slice of lemon is held between a glass frame and placed on a windowsill. The sky is moody, grey and dark. There is a yellow crane in the background.

Lemon Crane

A text note titled ‘Methotrexate Monday:’ reads 
The injections on my belly sting the most. I never get used to the bruises.  Over the week they fall all the way down my navel and land at my hip. Nobody has confirmed this, but I always suspect that any tattoo I get would do the same  - slipping down my body and landing in a misshapen pile at my feet.


The Father: a mask is held up by a Caucasian masculine hand. The holder’s jeans and grey socks are also in the shot, present but obscured.

The Son: A black and white cat sits upright amidst a pile of ruffled paper netting on the floor. The cat’s face is concealed by...

The Holy Spirit: A Mr Blobby Mask! The pink smiling alien with yellow spots and a yellow bow tie from 90s TV. The mask’s smile is surreal & ghostly, no eyes in the eye hole, but it sits as if it’s the cats face, almost as big as its body.

A Holy Trinity