Fiona Young

Instagram: @fifi__young

Girl rolling joint on hill

Try & consider your composition more fi

Abstract robot figure in orange with purple details

WIP... digital version of old sketch

Collage of English civil war era style cartoons superimposed onto a still from A field in England. One man holds fingers in gun position, says poo poo. Other has a dog says bite him peper

I was going to read about civil war witch trials but watched Line of duty instead

Icons of northern England displayed in a tile design

Queen in the north

Sunshine over blue hills made of hands

Try and see the sunshine through the bleu

Many hands doodled, some with leaves grown out of them, in different positions

Studies of hands

Poem that reads:


		Sharing ideas
			Sharing gossip
				Sharing secrets


		Sipping Stella on a hill
			Sipping rose in the kitchen
				Sipping margaritas on the roof



Close up of painting detail of diamond pattern

Similar but different W.I.P. part deux

Photo of working progress of an upcycling project giving an old side table some crafty canal side love


A digital illustration of a karate kid, doctor in scrubs and woman in a pink jumpsuit protesting with banners “ACAB”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Pay rise for NHS staff”

Rework of an embroidery design from lockdown 1

Architecture design for a distant future self build project. Features tower with lasers, hydroponic tomato walls, an orangery on the roof and underground bunker. Maurice the donkey and some goats live outside in the woods. Pls fund my dream house.

Grand Designs S30

Ideas for curating more accessibly
1. Put as much time and energy into your online space as your physical space.
2. Pay your artists equally and fairly. 
3. Consider how accessible your physical space is, can you display works in a different format?
4.  Can you price shows more progressively?
5. Consider showing works which play with different senses
6. Follow WCAG guidelines
7. Avoid arty fatty English unnecessarily 
8. Work with artists from different backgrounds
9. Make black cubes comfortable or share moving image online
10. Book BSL interpreters at events


12 images of characters, the first three generated in 60 secs each using strong hand, weak hand and eyes closed. The originals were sent to one friend for feedback, the redraws were sent for feedback then the redraws were sent again for feedback. 12 juicy crazy characters.

60 second character generation

Woman taking photo of old yellow beetle

I miss my old view of Lil yella

Self portrait fantasising about tangfastics and fantasy football

Should I captain Salah or De Bruyne

Mood board of graphic novel idea that I had right before lockdown about a mythical green man figure who was prophesied to protect the woods but would prefer to move to the city and become a fashion designer.

How do you write a graphic novel?

Collage made up of screenshots from tabs with hazy filters and callous editing

How to cancel a subscription with Apple, top 40 running shoes, geoguesser, sunglasses browsing...

Chromatic tabs n stuff

Using Procreate to aid design process of textiles

Digital illustration of a daffodil on a sunny day

Ode to daff

Rug punched cushion of yellow sun with minimalist tree swaying across the sun.

Rug punched sun and tree cushion