Elwyn Edwards

Instagram: @lazeeelwyn

Watercolour word

Cheating by Numbers

Photo of sketchbooks

Sort out/edit my sketchbooks from Zoom life-classes

Watercolour logo design

Design for my rubber stamp

Pen and ink image of drapery on a forearm.

Quick doodle/practice drapery for life class

pen and ink self portrait and text

Day 15:'An Inconvenient Truth.

Photo of instructions to make a pop-up card.

Hump Day:describe don’t do

Fountain pen warm up sketches

Recycled life class warm ups

Fountain pen portraits of friends in a Zoom session

Collaborate = Drinking and drawing with friends

Pen and Wash with text

Day 11: Art for Sale

Watercolour - a homeless couple sheltering in a service area

Day 10: 'A home at home?'.

Screenshot of sketch on Instagram

How do I display my work? Simples - Insta!

Self portrait with text


Cut-out kit for a window cill

Sunflower Kit for A window

Biscuits and empty box

My Guilty Pleasure

two dancers- watercolour sketch


Fantasy cottage and castle

Another challenge .... fantasy

Blacksmith drawing - fine point and wash

Day Three - blacksmith

Two hands - joined by intertwined fingers.

Day Two: Contact = Joy


Day One: What to do? How to start?