Katherine Roberts

Bio: Playing between performance, sculpture and sound, struggling with making something useless. Enjoying collaborations.

Instagram: @artykarobe

Velvet tan brown silhouette of a house plant, background panels in floral green and yellow, satin pink and satin tan.


Just Pleasure Sites

Collage of four soft pink organ-like sculptures leaning over concrete stair corners.

Hard Edges

sketch of tangled fabric in red, pale blue and dark green oil pastel with protruding triangles, pencil detailing on old Christian song book.

Research - textile waste - menacing tangled tentacles 3ft x 25ft (via the OR Foundation)

Doughnut of carboard with pink stitching in uneven triangles radiating from the centre, held by artist who looks through the hole.

New Lense

Green and pink blurred forms underneath a woven net curtain with partial floral pattern.

Net curtain