Alex Gray

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What are your responsibilities as a maker?


Even the greats had their critics

Everyone's a critic

After my first game of football for a long time today, I decided to post a picture of the most infamous picture regarding cheating. The maverick Maradona and the hand of God

Hand Of God

I've been wanting to do something with colours so today I used oil paints for a work inspired by "London's Calling"  by the Clash. "London is drowning and I, live by the river"

Live by the River

I document my work the most via a camera. This is the view that the work sees


Decided to draw something inspired from the film I watched, trying to compete it before the film was finished. The film was the excellent "Cavalry"


The formula for working out resistance

Ohm's Law

Not producing

I was going to...

Remake yesterday's work. The statue is now receiving it's nose back

Have it back

A collaboration with Sophie Atkins

Got Your Nose

Day 11 "Everything Must Go!" - Brief :  Take an old work and make it more commercial. I decided to use artwork from my old band. Then put a clearance sale sticker on it as everybody loves a bargain

"Everything Must Go!"

A home made in my house

Our House

How others may see you or your work

Where are you from?

"Sunny Afternoon" Day 8 "Ask for feedback" - the feedback I was given from my daughter was "can you draw a meerkat?", I received feedback from someone else saying that they liked the bolder lines

Sunny Afternoon

The work I've made for my window


Guilty pleasure - the staple childhood snack has a history of violence, intimidation and bullying of small independent raisin growers

Raisin' Hell

Been wanting to make this cartoon for a while

Cash Flow

Part of my take on the front cover of Marina Abramovič's "Walk Through Walls"


Tools to help work


what brings me joy? The time I spend with my children. They're not physically with me today so I drew a recent memory of them and me playing at the park

Spring has Sprung

It holds up a roof, it lights the space, it provided a bit of inspiration before a long flight

Airport Terminal Roof #2