CD Richardson

Our responsibility as a maker is to clear up as we go - tea making is an important aspect of our daily routine - why is there always a spoon at the bottom of the washing up bowl when we have finished? Answers on a postcard to...

'There's always a spoon'

Perhaps if we listened more than we spoke the world would be a far better place?

'unsolicited advice'

PPE creates a barrier between the stylist and the client - my fake client with a fake smile

'happy client'

Using an anagram approach to avoid what is always there

‘ a bit of admin’

The pandemic has forced us to work in a very different way - 'PPE and haircuts in the garden' - artists and creatives  should represent the times they live in - this is social history and a time we will never forget - perhaps one that will change us forever?

'a new way of working'

'waiting for tea' was comprised whilst waiting for the kettle to boil for the first morning brew and looking for objects to make todays work

'Waiting for Tea' (Prosecco and Rioja corks)

'he path of least resistance'There is nothing quitre like

'What we would make...

Better perhaps was written the day after a collaborative effort to return to what was once the norm and now seems almost alien

better perhaps?

The snow must go on

The beautiful thing about after you have eaten your pickled eggs - the pleasure continues - use the jar for a vase

Tulips in Pickle Jar

Nicola has been with Carol for over 50 years so today's brief gave us the opportunity to create a new living space for her

'a home for Nicola"

Going back to basics a good old fashioned badge worn by all my clients exhibiting my art on their shoulders can be a walking advertisement.

'stick it on a badge"

Train to Taunton

A window tree that is not just for Christmas - made of driftwood collected from Clevedon beach

'Driftwood tree - not just for Christmas'

Wine gums are that guilty pleasure and now they can be used to create art works - it just gets better! This was a phrase used to my 86 year old mum a few weeks ago from an old friend at a chance meeting - expletives have been deleted as the friend in question has a compulsive swearing disorder (undiagnosed)

'Keep going'. (wine gums on paper)

The Anvil and the Balloon

It's a good day to be alive. It always was. We just didn't realise. 
When researching, we reflect, take stock we see art everywhere around us - it's what you choose that day

It's a good day to be alive. It always was. We just didn't realise

'Hairdryer on a stick'

These 4 images have been taken over the last week and individually reflect joy - Mindfulness captured by simply enjoying the moment - different sunsets, spring blossom and a halo around the sun noticed (through sunglasses) whilst drinking Guinness on a coastal walk. sometimes obvious is best - no abstract concepts here - these will surely follow in later works

'sometimes obvious is the best"

'Strengthen the ends'