Ann Jones

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Three photographs each a snippet of a image from an old magazine and rendered indistinct by the print process so they become abstract patterns. There is text on the first and third images reading 'STRANGE' and 'and startling'.

Reflecting the world around us (strange and startling)

Photo-triptych of indistinct pictures, all snippets of the background of bigger pictures rephotographed from an old magazine, overlaid with text. In the top left of each the text reads 'objective analysis' with an additional bit of text on each reading 'a thorough-going run-down', 'a clear-cut picture' and 'how attractive they appear'.

Objective analysis

Triptych of images from a single photograph in an old magazine of a city with a mountain in the background. The magazine has been scanned partly open so the central image is out of focus with focus drifting in and out on the other pictures. Text from the magazine on the first and last pictures reads: What unknown people had built it? When had they left?

The great stone city

Three images as a photo triptych, all are rephotographed from an old magazine and are dominated by the halftone dot pattern rendering them indistinct. There is a snippet of text on each. From right to left this reads 'Across the Cascade I saw dramatic proof'.

Across the cascade

Triptych of images of and from an old magazine. In the first picture, the left hand page of the magazine is out of focus and just a red abstract blur. The middle picture is a snippet of a picture from the magazine of a road at night photographed from above with the red glow of artificial lights indicating the roads; the picture is overlaid with a snippet of text that reads 'warning signs'. The right hand image is predominantly red from artificial lights and is almost a continuation of the left hand picture.

Red warning

A photo triptych of images photographed flicking through an old magazine so that each is a snippet of two pages with the image drifting in and out of focus and disappearing into the crack in the pages. All are a night scene with artificial light glowing red and orange within the image. Text cropped from the magazine is superimposed over the first and last images, reading 'SITUATION' and 'anywhere'.

Situation anywhere

A triptych of photographs of the pages of an old magazine which all appear abstract with blue the dominant colour. In each image the left hand page is out of focus while the right hand side is in focus but abstract. Snippets of text taken from an advert in the magazine have been added to the first and third image; these read 'Be entranced' and 'choose your adventure'.

Be entranced ... choose your adventure

A photographic triptych: three images of the edges of pages of an old magazine (which I have been using throughout 30 works), each overlaid with a snippet of text taken from within the magazine. Across the triptych the text reads PAUSE - PICTURE - how it looks.

Pause - picture how it looks

A triptych of images photographed from an old magazine, all featuring snow scenes. In the central image two women are walking or cross-country skiing with ski poles through the snow. On either side are closely cropped pictures of snowy mountainsides with blue skies above.

Remembering an unexpected snow day

Triptych of pictures rephotographed from an old magazine. The central image is mottled white and quite abstract but is of snowy ground and the ones on either side are closely cropped scenes of snow with blue sky above. Overall the dominant feature is the halftone dot pattern from the magazine print process.

Unexpected snow day

Triptych of images rephotographed from an old magazine; two from adverts the third from the cover. The first reads 'guaranteed will not burn', the second is two glasses of coca-cola and the third a fragment of the cover with the text $1 a copy.

Commercial break

A triptych formed from a single image from an old magazine. The three pictures all show well dressed people socialising indoors. Their features are indistinct because of the halftone pattern of the old print process.

Breaking the rules

Three images rephotographed from an old magazine and put together as a triptych. On the left is a profile of a woman wearing glasses. We can't see her face but she is looking towards the central image which is of a woman who is holding a pencil to point out something off to the right. The right hand picture is a close-up of an apple, we can see the hand of the person holding it but nothing else.


Triptych using pictures rephotographed from an old magazine. The image on the left shows a yellow helicopter in the sky with trees in the background. In the middle picture two industrial chimneys belch black smoke. The image on the right is indistinct because the halftone dot pattern obscures the detail but a couple, seen from the waist up in front of blue lights, look up (possibly at the chimneys, the helicopter or both).

Risky business

Triptych of images photographed from an old magazine each of a shop window with dark wood surrounds giving the whole triptych a brown hue. In the first picture a child looks through the window of a car parked outside the shop. The middle picture is a closer cropped picture of one of the shop windows. The right hand picture is of a group of people chatting outside the shop. In the window there is a sign saying 'general store'.

Window shopping

A photo triptych of images rephotographed from an old magazine and made indistinct by the halftone dot pattern. On the left is the head of a man, seen in profile and looking away from the other pictures. In the middle there are faces of a mother and child with a young man in red in the background. On the right an older woman in a ha is smiling but seems to be on the outskirts of the group. The young man (or mother in the same red shirt) is walking away.

Fractured gathering

Three pictures all taken from an old magazine and slightly unclear as a result. On the left two women - one in a blue dress and hat, the other barefoot and wearing a red skirt and white top - stand by an ancient stone wall seemingly looking at the view in front of them. In the middle picture the woman in the blue dress is in a narrow alley and is looking intently at the wall. The final picture is of the woman in the redd skirt - now also wearing a hat and no longer barefoot - is on a ledge and looking down.

The tourists

Three pictures all fragments of pictures from an old magazine and all showing people socialising in the open air. The first shows a mother and her children having a picnic on the beach, in the middle picture two men are pouring tea or coffee on a scorched hillside and in the third picture two mean stand looking out at the landscape. We see them from the back. All the images are heavily marked by the halftone dot pattern of the magazine print process so the quality is poor.

Meeting friends outdoors

A triptych of images each a fragment of bigger pictures taken from an old magazine. In the central image a lumberjack is climbing a tall tree. We see a section of trunk which is very straight and has no side branches. The pictures on either side feature people in mountainous landscapes looking towards the central image creating an illusion of a narrative.

The explorers

A triptych of fragments from a larger image, rephotographed from an old magazine. The central picture is blue with the shapes of four divers under the sea. The pictures on either side are blurry but show people looking down into the ocean.

Into the deep

Three small square pictures within a white frame. The pictures are close-up photographs of an old magazine page so show the half-tone dot pattern. The first picture is of the eye-like portholes of a yellow saucer-shaped submarine, the other two are abstracts taken from underwater pictures.

Ways of seeing