G. Baxter-Smith

Close up photo of a piece of distressed industrial metal. It is multicoloured as a result of multiple paintings over the years.

Colour Me Industrial


Garden From The Bedroom Window

Abstract horse drawn with pastels and plenty of abandon on canvas board. Yellow background and plenty of bright colours.

Sunday Happy Horse

Cyanograph darkened by soaking in tea so shades of grey in  colour rather than the usual blue. The cyanograph has large elongated triangles - sharp - topped with circles to appear like a family group. This image has the. been stuck into a large chaotic abstract piece of work which is predominantly yellow orange and red.


Photograph of a flea market reflected in the modern shiny covering high above it. A very broken appearance to it. Barcelona.

Reflexiones del mercado de pulgas. Barcelona

Stylised face drawn on gold embossing foil.


Photo of an old hinged window. It is partially open. It is part of a large group of panes. All have been painted black at one time. Now they are incredibly blistered and weatherbeaten. They are part of an old disused workshop in Chatham Dockyard.

The Things I've Seen

Random rectangular shapes and triangles arranged around a single  non-centric circle. Each shape is decorated with a simple pattern.

Self Portrait

Three rectangular areas of sunlight shining on a wall. The larger top one illuminates an area of an abstract painting while the lower two illuminate the violet wall on which it hangs in the manner of an exclamation mark. The rest of the room is in darkness.

"A Light In The Darkness!", He Exclaimed.

Very busy abstract. Predominantly orange and red. Short erratic strokes. Ghostly face of a woman appears to be hidden within.

Madonna, No Child

Photo of a grating adjacent to a pub. The grating is a grid of 9 by 8 open squares. Each square contain at least one cigarette butt often more.

Black Remembered Lungs

Abstract collage. Elongated coloured columns topped with small black rectangles. Circular sun motif in top right. All stuck on very lightly, pastelled felt.

Blue Notes In The Evening

Colograph. Black printers ink on linen. Only minimal linen visible. Would suit Goth.

Woodland Summer Stroll