Joana Viveiros

Bio: Joana Viveiros is an interdisciplinary artist with a research-based practice focusing on psychoanalysis and ethnography. The work mostly wanders between sculpture, video, textile, writing and analog photography, as well as, exploration and decontextualization of the most varied materials. Born in Madeira Island, in 1996, where she lived her first 18 years of her life, proved to be decisive for her artistic practice. In 2018, she completed the degree in Fine Arts, sculpture, from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (PT). At this moment she is in her first year of a MA in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins.


Instagram: @thestuffthatido

Oil pastel painting of three dried air plant flowers on a purple background.

Dried air plant flowers

Three Air plant flowers


Oil pastel painting of one banana peel on a lilac backgroud.

Banana peel

Pencil drawing of a davallia canariensis rhizoma

Study of davallia canariensis II

Pencil drawing study of a rhizome from a davallia canariensis.

Study of davallia canariensis

Oil pastel painting of two yellow dead Tanacetum parthenium on a dark blue background.

Two dead Tanacetum parthenium

Oil pastel painting of a dead flower(Tanacetum parthenium) in yellow on a dark blue background.

Dead Tanacetum parthenium

Detail of the texture of a oil pastel painting.


Davallia canariensis L.

Oil pastel painting of three green rosemary branches on top of each other, on a light blue background and red shadows.

Three rosemary branches

Oil pastel painting of a lemon on handmade banana paper.

A lemon on handmade banana paper

Oil pastel painting of five dead dandelion flowers with blue shadows, on a yellow background.

Five dead dandelion flowers

Oil pastel painting of five may flowers on a color cream backgroud.


Oil pastel painting of an old brown sweet potato on a light blue backgroud.

Old sweet potato II

Oil pastel painting of two green cherimoyas on a dark red background.

Two cherimoyas II

black and white abstract line drawing on a paper craft backgroud.

Untitled II

Black and white abstract drawing on a craft paper background.


Gouache paiting of four dried broad beans on a green backgroud.

Four dried broad beans

Gouache painting of two cherimoyas. On the center of a dark orange backgroud.

Two cherimoyas

Gouache painting of an old and crinkle sweet potato. In the middle of a blue background.

Old sweet potato

Painting of two heads of dry yellow chamomile on a purple background.

Two chamomile heads

Painting of a piece of dried Cherimoya with no seeds on it. Slightly on the left side of a grey background.

Dried Cherimoya