Kerri Jefferis


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photograph of cut out images (an egg, a strip of wave), tape (black gaffa and dark green striped) and hand written text on a sheet of butchers paper. the text is in red pen and reads: 'a word or phrase become a rhythm'. the egg is above this. below bottom left, the wave and next to this two horizontal strips of the green tape and a black block in the centre. a strip of bare, white wall is visible to the right.

when you just want

A multilayered collage of translucent photographic images. A radiant blue fills the image that has a spotlight effect in the centre. It has scratches and marks on the surface of the image. Below is a mechanical structure with piping and strange objects only slightly visible. Somewhere between these two a long printed paper folds in soft piles. It has images and texts like a timeline but you cant make them out as they are so small.

the econocaust

handwritten note/poem that reads: 

who is laughing it off?

those without immediate threat
those with safety 
those with access
those who slip and slither
those who decorate and elaborate
those who tower without touch

who is laughing it off?

Two drawings in a photo side by side. One on white paper (right side) one on black paper (left side). The one on the left has a loose white chalk shape with vertical brown and black lines, the one on the right has two sets of opposing lines vibrating and squiggling outwards from each other. They are electric blue on the left and dark purple on the right.


Cropped image of 3 free form drawings. The top two on white paper, the bottom on black. The first is lots of squiggly lines, knotted up. The second, rings around a centre point, like water ripples and the third a series of semi circle humps with erratic linear lines around them. Each is drawn in a mixture of charcoal, crayon and chalk.


A cropped, long skinny image of 2 drawings in yellow oil pastel and back charcoal on white paper. The top image is a messy, scrunched up bundle of yellow, like a ball of chewing gum with black smudges and lines through the yellow. Below if a line drawing of loose circles punctuated with black double lines.


close up of hand written text in pencil. it reads: 'simulation stimulation' with a line in between.

oracular events

A layered digital collage with a plastic bag texture across the surface. Cold tones of faded aqua greens and blues. To the right the square panelled ceiling of a social club is visible, on the left the facebook icon for 'care' (a yellow emoji squeezes a heart). In the centre is visible a broken kids drawing on a ceramic tile that you can just about read: 'can we play in your garden when you close down our playground?' It has child-like painted drawings of houses and cars and the text is handwritten.

can we play in your garden?

Layered photographic collage of opaque transparencies. A plastic bag interior, screwed white doorframes ajar with a blue postproduction editing frame visible, golden light permeates the middle. The whole image has a hazy floaty quality with some dark undertones. Masking taped to the blue frame are two images. One of a plant in a sealable plastic bag that has a print of a clip down glass jar on it, the other is a handwritten note that reads: 'side trips and rehearsals' -rehearsals is scribbled out, it is replaced by 'reversals' - 'are precisely what minds stuck in forward gear most need'.

side trips and rehearsals

Graphite and coloured pencil drawing of the interior of a crumpled plastic bag originally take by Francis Delfosse. The colours are muddy and the texture is crumpled almost sharp but the coloured pencil softens this. The tone ranges from graphite (darkest) through emerald and moss greens and then into terracotta, peachy pink and magenta purple. It is a small detail close up.


A colour, layered digital collage of things. The background image is a black and white photo from the Octavia E Butler landing on the planet Mars, the interior of a plastic bag is transparently layered on top. Stretched and manipulated cuts outs of a deflated yellow ball, a shiny chicken breast and something that looks like a meaty pineapple slice all appear in the foreground. They seem to be being sucked inside the yellow ball and all skew to the left. In the bottom right corner text is legible that reads: 'Octavia E Butler Landing' and the spot is marked with a small yellow star.

Carrier Bag/The Landing

the grim, rude stone (VV play 2)

Abstract line drawing with peach felt tip and graphite pencil. Odd shaped circular shapes are joined by one single line repeating and repeating, simultaneously swirling around and forming the shape itself. The graphite line is on top of the felt tip and they mirror each other. There are a number of spots where the line breaks off and makes a irregular almost finger like shape off the circles.

sonic draw 2

Freeform drawing with pens, coloured pencil and graphite sticks. There are approx 4 types of mark making: a series of dark peach coloured irregular bulbous shapes that go round in a off oval shape, three red coloured thick rectangular bars that sit in the middle, a tight jagged almost handwriting like sequence that sits around one end and a number of wide wavy lines that wraps all these shapes in a increasingly layered and gestural set of lines that mingle.

sonic draw 1

cropped image of 2 overlaid hand drawn bits of text on tracing paper that fill the frame. The text is written in bleeding felt tip pens and the font is tall and irregular. One reads: 'its real,' in orange and blue bubble writing and the other 'its coming', in purple and yellow in bubble writing. The background is transparent/white.

its coming, its real 2

Its coming, its real

Roger That

Close up of foot crunching metal poppers on gravel floor. A large fluffy microphone is in foreground.


Teal blue digital pastel drawing over a black and white image. All that remains is a couple of black holes and some white smoke.


Digital drawing on black and white photograph. The central image is a large metal industrial cylinder that has been sliced vertically and floats in a mustard yellow space. The yellow is drawn with digital crayon and has blocked out/coloured over the rest of the original image. Next to the cylinder two boots remain which have been highlighted loosely in bright red. The cylinder also has highlights drawn on top, electric blue rings matching the metal spines which line the surface and interior of the shape.

Space Cowboy

collab closed captions with Bella Milroy (turn on CC to view work)