Frankie Roberts


Instagram: @frankengine

Animation that loops over of a seagull on the Thames trying to take flight with multicoloured lines drawn over the image and on the water. A mirror image of this is overlaid on top.

Don't encourage them

Collage of a baby standing in a blue cardigan and yellow shorts with the head of the red angry face emoji in the middle of the screen on a background of sylvanian family rabbits, blurry flowers and grass.

The greatest snowman (you should open the window it stinks in here)

Looping animated gif- filmed background of the sea with waves moving backwards- tinted blue and black. On top of this is "Creams, Potions and Plastic Oceans" handwritten, getting bigger and smaller on a loop. The text turns from pink to yellow then back to pink again.

creams, potions and plastic oceans

Looping gif- a paper-ball-like sphere coloured in SMPTE bars rotates in the foreground over a background of SMPTE bars tinted blue. The paper ball is lit by a spotlight so the edges of the background are black.

2837482 files are missing since you last saved this project

Collage- in the foreground is a football hooligan letting off a flare- a dog’s nose is collaged onto his face replacing his real nose. He is standing in a dark football stadium, the rest of the crowd have been coloured out in dark grey but are slightly visible. Underneath there is a handwritten caption “SAY WHAT YOU WANT ABOUT US BUT I AM NOT A DOG.”

I am not a dog

Mixed drawing and collage of a face. The black and white eyes and long hair (of Donatella Versace) are collaged- the eyes are fixed on the viewer and hand drawn tears in black pen fall from them. It has a handrawn long nose and large mouth full of teeth. A half-pointed black and white hand is collaged underneath and another in colour is covering up half of the mouth. The words “no thanks” on a gold background have been cut out and stuck at the bottom in the middle.

No thanks

Handwritten in pencil on white paper- “they look like they have quite regular sex where they really care about each other. They also look like they hold each other’s pain really well and love and support each other really solidly through things then on the other side of that go back to having regular sex in which they care for each other and it’s all tender and lovely and then they make a nice healthy breakfast after and listen to radio 6 music and just silently go about their beautiful life in tandem like a pair of blissful summertime otters. Reckon they have a nice clean kitchen rug and a lo

Healthy other couples/N16 (a gradient)

Black and white photo of my hand with the words “sense”, “amends” and “love” written on it in bullet points. I’m wearing a ring in the shape of a rose on my middle finger.

things I would make if I was better

Looping gif; 10 animated figures dotted around the screen move their arms up and down in the air like they're doing a chest press, without weights. They do not have heads but have eyes located on their chests- they are all copies of one another doing the same exercise. The 5 figures keeping in time with one another are bright green. The 5 remaining figures all doing the exercise at a different speed are blue, red, pink, purple and yellow. The gif is on a plain back background.

just do your best and try to keep up with the group. and most importantly have fun.

Digital rendering of a landscape made up of some sausage-like, glossy pieces of eczema among a valley of pyramid-shaped pieces of eczema. In the foreground is a circular blob of eczema with eyes and a mouth that is open like it is singing. In the background to the left is another circular blob of eczema peeking round the corner of an eczema pyramid. It is wide-eyed and looking sheepishly at the blob in the foregoround. The sky at the back of the scene is a dark purple, starry and nebulous.

eczema doing duke of edinburgh (bronze)

I miss my home planet

Digital collage: a figure stands bent over to the left of the screen with Thomas the Tank Engine's Head and mouth and scowling human eyes. A hoover hose neck stretches to the rest of its body, which has legs made out of a psoriasis and turquoise monster slippers on. It is standing on a blue floor and has a black background. A speech bubble coming from the figure reads "WHEN THE REWARDS DON'T COME TO YOU SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO FIND THEM YOURSELF."

do you have a loyalty card? would you like one?

16 football card-style player portrait collages arranged in a grid of 4 by 4. Each player's face has been painted over with different size/style eyes and mouths, some with blood dripping from them. The only player with a nose has a red clown's nose. Their football shirts read "Semen Bile" on them.

semen bile FC, uranus, 1978

Looping black and white animated gif of the outline of a chunky figure doing pirouettes. The figure has black dots for eyes but no other features. Each limb is tethered by a string that leads off-screen.

free within reason but don’t take the piss

Animated looping gif of two pinkish figures- half dog and half human, are walking to the right. They are joined together in doggy style position. The back figure's head is an "engaged" toilet sign and the right figure's head is a "vacant" toilet sign. The background is black and the ground is dotty and glowing slightly green.

shrek 9 trailer

Collage of an upright figure with a cooked ham for a head, two eyes with eyebrows raised and a horror-mask mouth, with a bare woman's leg and no body. The leg is wearing a roller skate at the bottom. A speech bubble to the right hand side reads "DON'T CHALLENGE ME ON MY BIRTHDAY, CRAIG".

don't challenge me on my birthday, craig

Digital colour drawing over a photo of a fruit seller standing among stands full of various fruit. The fruit seller’s head has been replaced with a giant drawing of a peach-like fruit with no face. The fruit seller’s original smiling face has been drawn and super imposed onto all pieces of fruit in the stands.

whatever it is just know you can talk to me about it

hello mate how's the eczema?

Black line drawing on white paper of a figure with wings, a face and legs with a speech bubble reading “I didn’t ask for your diagnosis, Peter”. The figure has a collaged nose from a statue, the eyeball from which is in the bottom left corner. There is a collaged smirnoff bottle with the label altered to say “just off” in the bottom right corner with a woman’s eyes collaged on top.

I didn’t ask for your diagnosis Peter

it's either all over or it's never gonna end

An aubergine with white and orange mould covering one side spins on a brightly-coloured background on a continuous loop.

keep watching for an m&s christmas surprise