Nicola Troll

A group of trees in springtime with young leaves and shadows

Copse sketch

Branches of a young tree with leaves and buds

Plane Tree

Bright green, slender tree trunks with shadows of leaves and branches

Tree Sketch

Pollarded plane trees and the backs of terraced houses reflected in the river

River Walk

A notice is shown on a picture of trees and their reflections. The notice says "I made a presentation of how this etching was made but it was too big to upload"

Too Big!

A sculpture made of folded white paper


A white paper sculpture against a red background. Sculpture is made up of interconnecting triangular pieces.


White writing on black blocks reading "a sculpture made out of pieces of paper each shaped like triangular sharks teeth"

Paper Sculpture Idea

Trees with their reflection in browns, sienna, orange, green and blues

Autumn Reflection

A head sculpted in a white paper net against a red and yellow background.

Self Portrait

Ink painting showing winter trees and their reflections

Ink reflections

A fire in front of a white tent on grass

Camping Out

A black tree with lots of branches and brown leaves

Imagined Reflection

Black and white with trees in negative over water.


Flowers, leaves and grass in greens, white, pink and yellow against a window


Water with weed and colourful fish swimming to the right

3D Fish Jam

Looking down on a small river with lots of colourful fish.

Fish Jam

Red, orange and yellow flames on left meet eyes, nose and part of a mouth in black dots next to white, pale green and blue mountains and glaciers

Norse Creation

A composite image of a mountain range made out of torn white paper


Ink sketch of two trees and hedgerow plants

Hedgerow study

A white paper lightshade shown six times from different angles. In some the light is on  in others it is off.