Lewis Tizley

Website: https://lewistizley.com/

Instagram: @lewistizley

A plant with light purple flowers grows tall between the grass


an image of a horse carved out of ice is shown on the screen of a smartphone


A glass bottle of yellow liquid is held up to the sunlight


Grey and pink coloured clouds behind a brown tiled roof


A polished metal surface has wavy lines running across it


Sunlight reflects off a white door casting shadows on the wall behind it


A light grey uneven chessboard floats on a dark grey scene detailed with light blue geometric web.


A 3d image of a ginger cat that has been put together badly so the shapes are sharp and broken


A light pink vase sits on a windowsill with a handful of dark green stems sitting inside it.


A large wooden framed window has had the frame changed to be a green and grey painted computer generated image.


A spotted banana skin rests on the ground in some grass. The skin towers above two people who are staring up at it whilst standing in front of it.

New Monument

The tyre of a lawnmower is floating above a dense collection of deep green trees


A human character who has short brown hair and is wearing a pink floral shirt is fishing in a large lake. On the opposite bank there is a single plant with red flowers in bloom.


A pool of water reflects a skyline full of white and orange clouds


A wooden head board from a bed painted white is stuck against a wall which has been freshly painted