Bio: evershonk is an artist that lives and works in London.

Instagram: @evershonk

Black and white photograph of a blurry image of a boob with a hair split in two in focus

a split end

Photograph of a hand clutching a kitchen roll holder with two ashtrays underneath so it resembles a penis and balls. There is another hand that appears in the shot from the bottom right hand holding a cigarette over the ashtray.

i like you so much better when your naked

Woman sticking tongue out with in front of window with church in background and cross in lights.

lizzo always sorts me out

saviour complex / time to be helpless

A black and white comic strip of a goose kicking a bare arse. A church is in the background, some leaves and a single black boot is in the foreground. Text reads: you may have a suit and a boot, but I don't give a hoot. You're about to get a finger lickin' kicking. My wings are spread to slap ya round the head. You called me tripe, now your arse is ripe, to feel the force of these webbed feet.

birds get me

comic strip in black and white with 4 panels depicting sonnet.

i get birds

Black and white illustration of an erect penis and a hand holding it at the base by the thumb. The penis is painted green. There are bedsheets and radiator in the background.

little green man

Black and white posca pen illustration of a woman smoking a cigarette on the toilet. She is crossing her legs and her knickers are at her feet. The figure is geometric of lines and triangles and the lines do not touch. The toilet seat and toilet roll is the only part of the image that is curved.

9 pack 2 ply 5 quid

A pizza box with one slice of pizza and an empty dip jar in it. On the inside of the pizza box is an illustration of a woman crying in the top right hand corner, in the middle is a priest and at the bottom left hand corner is a face sideways on with glasses.

pizza my heart is gone (finished father ted)

black and white photograph of a man sitting down with two lit up inflated balloons hanging from his arms and a deflated balloon hanging from his neck. He has wacky silly string being sprayed at his face by an arm that is just in shot on the right hand side.

strung along

Man with sunhat smoking and sat on a wheelie bin in shorts and sandals.

garden wasteman

Left hand illustration in colouring pencil and ink of a man falling asleep on a chair. The man is wearing a face mask, in a brown jumper and black trousers, his head is leant downwards. Right hand illustration in colouring pencil and ink of an older man with a facemask, standing upright in a blue vest and shorts, holding a pot noodle in each hand and wearing sliders.

rocking asleep on the district line / old man, two pot noodles and a pair of sliders

Large canvas with geometric ink pattern that covers half of canvas, top of canvas has ink spill that seeps into geometric pattern. Grid lines in pencil fill the rest of the canvas.

it's not you, it's me (in progress)

Black ink drops in the top centre of paper, black ink line running from bottom left side of the page to the top of the page, with a line intersecting from the top left side of the page. Black squiggle on the bottom right hand side of the page. Pink silly string covers the ink in a messy pattern.

a day out to the psychiatric hospital

Fearful avoidant

Photograph depicting an unmade bed with a stick lying on the pillow. The stick has resemblance to a male figure and is propped up on the pillow.

stick and tired

Watercolour painting with ink on paper. The colours are a blend of blue, pink and yellow and show loosely drawn bodies in black ink. Top of the page on the left hand side a face is poking out from underneath an anus with a party hat on, on the right hand side the anus is at the forefront with arms and legs stretched out to the floor. A body lying on its side with legs and arms stretched out in the middle of the page. The bottom of the page on the left hand side is a large bottom with anus and heels on feet, on the right hand side knees are bent with an anus at the bottom and a penis form.

arse out, you and, me