Lottie Bolster

Weaning document

Whilst waiting for toast


This was certainly not the path of least resistance.

An hours resistance

Nil by mouth

Another unwitting collaboration with my dad.

Left overs

A print made though a collaboration with my (unwitting) dad.


Scanned images of the first 7 days of weaning

The first 7 days

My most creative space

Vessel for your story nectar

Creations for a book

Exploration by deconstruction

Make more

Weaning Day 2

Rainbow vegetable print

Rainbow windows

monoprint of my favourite drink! (I only have a few a day =P)

Frothy Pleasure

Six month after having my baby I have finally rethread my needle and got back on the embroidery!

foot first

Today the collective researched the use of spoons and how it might influence our work.

Spoon Technique

Avacado spread around paper. Babies hand in the top right corner


Pieces of mashed food.

First super

A cloth with a tear in through which is visible a patch of green fabric embroidered with the image of a women wearing a mask.