Rachel Dolton

Bio: Mixed media, printing and ceramics. Eyes, trees, water, moon. Making sense of my world and seeking the 'Ah, I get it ' moment. A sociologist at heart and drawn to socially engaged practice to contribute to strong, sustainable, inclusive community.

Instagram: @@raebell4

Monoprint. Water soluble oil on art ridge paper.

Bringing in the light

Clean sheet

Unsolicited advice:'You do too much.'

Abstracting the landscape. En plein aire. Pastel

Here's what I did tomorrow.

Mono Print water soluble oil and pastel on cartridge paper.

Clean slate - meditation

Leaf print with text.

Tree Strong

Water based ink on card, with oakleaf

Allotment printing


The path of least resistance

Electronic Word Sketch

Tree Energy

Pen on cartridge paper.

Mindful Art Class

Eco paint on glass


Acrylic on board

Start of a painting


My Nest

Eco window paint on glass

Simplicity vv visibility.

Eco glass paint on glass - commission

Feedback leads to more confidence

China graph pencil and stencil on glass.

Sign Writing ( thank you grandad Ern )

Electronic sketch pad.

A Little of What You Fancy...

Ink and oil monoprint

Trying Out Designs

Mono print, Oil and pencil on sumi paper

Researching Bamboo Shoots

Wooden fork repurposed as double ended scraper/brush tool with a single cat hair and cat paw for scale.

Single cat hair brush

Sketches and prints in mud, Inktense and ink.

A Tale of Two Gardens

Monoprint (water soluable oil on sumi paper)

When is a castle not a castle?