Nora Young

3 postcards each have simple marks that indicate a simple image of a range of horizontal marks using litho stick and chalk.  Lines and scratched marks stretch across each. They could represent still water or seas.

30/30 21 20 keep it simple

A drawing on brown wrapping paper. Two female figures are pictured naked with heads and torso. An older white haired woman stands just behind the shoulder of a younger dark haired one.  Both have down-cast eyes, standing stock still. Mediums used are acrylic paint, litho stick, white marker and pencil.

30/30 2021 Day 19 Abandoned cheat...

A two page spread of life drawing on brown paper is now labelled with date, model’s name, media and time limit.

30/30 2021 Day 18 Date, name, media, time

An image is on the screen of a laptop. It show a page in new experiment in documentation of work. Date, title, four images captioned on each page.

30/30 2021 Day 17 Documenting 30/30 2021

A photograph. On a square of white cartridge paper on the right hand page in a sketch book, black marks twist and turn like ribbons across all areas of the page. These marks are over-laid with ribbons in nickel azo yellow. Grey patches of iridescent stainless steel lay about these first ribbons. Acrylic paint has been used.

30/30 2021 16 Remembering Helen. Waiting for The News at 6pm.

30/30 2021 Day 15 Moonshine

Image of random thought items - on creased recycled brown paper are pen scratch marks in aqua shades of blue, a shell laid over with pine needles. Printed beneath the image is the 'make' in mind: Random state. Collisions. Holds. Minds. Emergence.

30/30. 2021 14. Make in mind.

A photograph of a life drawing of a model with her dog has been digitally altered to white lines with grey tones.  A red collar has been added to the dog. The dog is laying across the model's lap. The model is laying back on cushions with her legs folded under her.

30/30 2021 Day 13 Collaboration Model with dog collar

A drawing of a nude model is on brown paper. The model is leaning back on cushions. With legs folded under her. She looks to the left with eyes shut. The model cradles her daschund dog across her lap, holding him loosely and stroking his back. The dog is asleep. The drawing is made with relief paint and felt tip pen. This work signifies collaboration between artist and materials, artist and model, model and dog.

30/30 2021. Day 12. 3 Way Collaboration

The A4 sheet documents the making of a notebook from an old drawing. The drawing has multiple layers of dashes and dots randomly applied using a variety of different colour pens. The drawing is the cover. Inside the notebook are re-cycled brown paper pages. There is a red ribbon stripe applied down the back cover. A red ribbon strip on the bottom right of the front cover is applied for naming the notebook.

30/30 2021 11 Nora Notebook

A clear jar is half full with assorted buttons, differing in age, size, colour. A single cuff link is laid outside the jar, bottom right. The jar is on a wooden surface and is against a blue backdrop with white lines creating check.

30/30 21 10 Home for Buttons

A small metal-framed painting, 10x10 cm, is placed inside a cardboard box. The painting is float mounted inside the glass-backed frame showing the inside of the box through the frame. The painting is a swirl of colours in ever-reducing circular brush movements. Colours include Norway blue, nut-brown, harvest-gold water-colour inks and black pen.

30/30 2021 8 Advisedly

Three beach shells are strung together in the form of a human figure. Body parts  are joined by string that also form the arms and legs. Small torn pieces of paper are glued to form shoulders, trousers, hands, feet and eyes. Pen shows pupils of the eyes, and the mouth on the top shell. The form hangs on a window frame.

30/30 2021 7. The Watcher in the Window

On a small square of cartridge paper blobs of watercolour ink have been randomly spread across the surface of the paper using a hairdryer on high heat, fastest power and at random angles. Tracks of colour have been made. Colours used are Norway blue, sunshine yellow, golden brown, tropic gold.

30/30 2021 6 A guilty pleasure

A sheet of paper in landscape orientation is scrubbed and scratched with multiple marks over patches of colour that have been rubbed into the glossy surface. The sheet has then been plastered in PVA glue. The colours are iris blue, norway blue, Payne’s gray and sunshine yellow. The multiple marks have been made with with pencil, and pine needles in bunches of 2, 3 and 4. There is 2 part text in bottom right corner in Sanskrit.

30/30 2021 Day 5 A struggle

A sheet of brown scrunched paper is covered in random, curved short marks in gold, black, grey and some have been soaked by sprinkled water. On top this text is printed in white:
‘ 30/30 2021  4 Research Day
Frazzles with Mindfulness
Dr Dan Siegel - Focussed attention helps us see the internal workings of our own  minds - to become aware of our mental processes without being swept away by them - to redirect our thoughts + feelings
rather than be driven by them. Paying attention helps us to get off auto 
pilot and moves us beyond the emotional 
re-active loop. It’s worth the work.’

30/30 2021 4

The reverse side of a sheet of paper has ghost pen marks in amber that have leaked from the other side. Placed on the paper are 5 sets of pine needles, numbered 1 to 5 in white below the piece of paper. Number 1 has 1 pine needle. Number 2 has 2 pine needles. 3 has 3 pine needles and so on. Each set is taped in a bunch.  To the left of the piece of paper is a large bunch of about 50 pine needles secured with a rubber band cut from a rubber glove.  To the right of the paper is a set of 15 taped pine needles.  All the sets are level at the thicker end of the pine needles. This end is the top.

My new tools for Frazzle Works.

A sheet of white water-colour paper has a collage of paint mixed on paper palettes. The bright mixed acrylic paint on each cut-out paper piece has been made for colour consideration only. The colours vary in thickness, transparency, and tone. The collage of cut pieces have been arranged with great consideration of juxtaposition. The pierce is landscape in orientation.

30/30 2021 2 The joy of juxtaposition

A straw hat has had cut out pieces from a paper painting palette added as Easter Bonnet decoration. The cut out pieces on a ribbon are around the brim.

30/30 21 Palette Easter Bonnet