Poppy Cockburn

Bio: Poppy is a London-based writer, photographer, other. Twitter @poppypersonism

Instagram: @skinned_peach

A black and white photograph depicting a vine the shape of a leaf spine clings to the trunk of another tree.

clinging on

A blurred photograph showing an extreme close up of the inside of a mouth

interior #1

A square image depicting a starry filtered photograph of a computer screen with text saying: definitions

a part-complete exquisite corpse
is not even a corpse, having never lived

conception is the ultimate collaboration…
being an artist is not easy

she saved the chat instinctively knowing it would
be the last one, a keepsake. their words had always
tangled together so nicely – sweet peas n twine

a book without a reader is a body with no 
muscles / nerves – only matter

a teddy bear demanding cuddles, a camera eye 
& other excuses for avoiding direct sunlight


An image of a square-ish rectangle featuring text: 
If my window was at street level I would fill it with tracing paper posters commanding “vote Labour” demanding “equal pay for all” proclaiming “Black Lives Matter” ordering “end violence against women”. Tracing paper to let the light in. 

Alas, my window is high up and messages are hard to read from up here, “Defund the Police” might be misread as “all hail the pigs”. “no” might be read as “yes”. 

I’ll fill my windows with messages anyway.


a square moving gif image, spelling out word by word, slide by slide:


followed by a black & white photograph of a stretching arm in bright morning sunlight

snooze states

a grid of 9 small square images - selfie style face photographs of a woman wearing a pink wig and using many different Instagram filters to create ‘thirst trap’ photos. Tiny unicorn emoticons appear scattered in very smaller image. Appears as a video gif in Instagram.

thirst trapped

[a screenshot of a poem titled millennial pink]

millennial pink

Square photograph depicting several pink coloured items laid out against a silk, floral backdrop. A pair of unopened pink tights w a label saying 'made in china', some rose quartz, a pink wig and some false eyelashes, still in their packagaing.


A square image with a pink background, overlaid with text. The texts reads: 
[motivational msg]

unearth joy
by hovering close to those
whose auras unlock magic –
that give you permission to
freely express yr truest self
without fear of judgement
to unfurl and feel cradled

motivational msg

A blurry, faded background image close-up photograph of Rose Quartz, overlaid with a stream-of-consciousness, poetic meditation text exploring thoughts and feelings related to words and the way they function intimately within a person's life, and they ways they can be used, abused, ignored etc.

establishing a pink print