J Eldridge

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I sat and waited

Possible basis for poetry on a single page: least resistance from least resistance

Description of a film I will never make

Cadavre Exquis #2: Another Tab of Acid

The mighty fart subtly investigates the apathetic youth.

Cadavre Exquis: Apathetic Youth

A collage with a price on it. Is this commercial enough for you?

Shite (or: I needed a day off)

Home is not something with a definite structure

The same usual motion

Day 8 with advice (or 'Things you might notice whilst waiting for a call')

When other things are unfinished and in no state to be shown.

Lazy art

The Art of Confession

Where the fuck are we going?


To research. To "seek out, search closely". Re- "back to the original place; again, anew, once more." To search. 'Circare' - "go about, wander, traverse." Search and rescue (1944). Search and destroy (1966). Search engine (1988).

Look again



Screaming seagulls