Geraldine Snell

Bio: Geraldine Snell (b. 1992, Keighley) uses moving image, performance, music, and the written word to navigate being with humour, nuance and awe. Her work is made for and adapted to both online and offline contexts. She is currently based in London where she lectures in art and design.


Instagram: @geraldinesnell

Two landscape images collaged - the top depicts a room with an old pair of trainers on the floor, part of a bike, desk, drawers and a doorway. The bottom image is an open sketchbook page with lots of frantically scrawled text in a mind map of ideas around productivity, dopamine, serotonin, and being still vs doing. In both images rainbow sunlight is refracted and cast across much or the subject matter

waiting for the right light

Three landscape images, presented vertically, of a concrete yard with wooden sheds and overgrown plants. In the centre of each image is a small cardboard box. In the top image, the artist sits meditating on the box. In the middle image, the artist does a headstand in the box. In the bottom image, the artist sits with legs out of the box, smiling at the sky.

being with the box


the video opens with a close up shot of the artist applying mascara, who then picks up a camera to film the cameraperson (friend Dilan) - the pair follow each other and observe the room, an interior domestiv studio apartment with many books and music instruments located in Paris, and giggle as they playfully capture the exploration on their respective cameras

observing you observing me (still from Paris Syndrome - an in progress film ft Dilan Roche)

An interior scene where bright sunlight shines onto a flaking wall, casting a sublime shadow. In the centre is the shadow of a hand closing the door through which the sunlight shines. Animated text accompanies the images, instructing 'invite the light' as the light and shadow of a hand dance across four frames.

invite the light

Sentences where the word 'home' appears in progress literary manuscript. Screenshot of google docs 'find word' tool with the word home highlighted in following sentences:
1. When you come to packing for home, you return all but one of the fake red roses to the trellis and realise, as you cherish your single selected keepsake, that it was in fact a poppy, not a rose; not even a real flower.
2. "But I am just at home with my parents now so not in that mood if you know what I mean x"
3. [09:36, 02/10/2019] F: I don’t have Movie today i work at home !
4. "I'll be home around 3.30, bisous!"

CMD+F 'home' in Paris Syndrome Manuscript

A screenshot of a survey question - "What could be improved? - use this space to offer any suggestions you have for course content, skills, communication etc." and the comments "i think you guys done your best in every situation!!! was really though getting through this year therefore, thanks so much! :-)" and "nothing"

Day Job Feedback

A vivid red and pink felt tip drawing of the words hear here (with small cartoonish ears as the spaces in the es and a) placed in a glass window pane at night with soft evening lamplight behind it.

hear here

A brass pull door handle on a wooden outer door in a square photograph at a diagonal angle

getting a handle on it

An animated gif where an ornate floral light with exposed orangey brown bulb casts its shadow onto a plain background as the sun shines on it. A figure's silhouette is also shading the light. The animation is the lightbulb coming on, so in the image the lightbulb flashes on and off as the figure moves slightly

light up

A digital collage around sugar detox with a background of rose tinted images of a 'free' box of pastries, layered with results from a sugar addiction quiz indicating sugar should be avoided, sugar detox book, the sugary insides of a creme egg mid-drip, and two images of the artist with chocolate on her face - one as a baby and one around 2018, aged 26.

post-sugar visualisation aid