Louis Palliser-Ames

Instagram: @louis_pa

A line drawing of a person calling someone using an old-style phone. the phone is cream, the rest of the drawing is black

Found Phone Friend

lots of black and white illustrations overlaid, including a smiley face wagging it's finger and a porthole.

New friends

a bad drawing of a cat stands on a pink and white background. there are funny splatters everyhwre that make it look stained.

As Promised

Proposal for later

circles of symbols of a runner getting gradually smaller so that they look a bit like a hole in the ground


black line drawings of a pig's snout and a human's nose on a white background- the drawings have been traced, so they are all smooth.


blue, pink, yellow, green and red blurred circles on a white background.

Hundreds and Thousands

red, green and grey blurry gradients on an off white background

last minute gradients

an image of the word Sportspower in green, black and white lettering on a blue background. It looks like it's from the 90s.


a drawing of a hand giving the finger in green and purple spotty shorts on a yellow background.

Finger in shorts

Circles, squares adn triangles all sit together on a yellow background- it looks a little bit liek a stained galss window. The shape contains all the letters of the alphabet and numbers if you trace the lines.

Alphabet Test

orange-red text overlapped so it's unintelligible on a pale green background


a squirly yellow pattern with cream accents that looks a bit like a heart on it's side sits on a turquoise background.

Colour Test

the picture is split up into lots of images overlayed on one another. at the top a naked man rides a flying horse. he blows bubbles from some sort of trumpet. underneath is a yellow and green logo that says IT. there is also some sort of brown triangular pattern and multicoloured curtains in pastel shades at the bottom of the picture.

collected finds

black and white hexagons and circles fill the space. There are abstract shapes and very small squiggles of bright colour.

pattern experiment

A simple black line drawing of a smiling face, with huge bulging cheeks and a dimpled chin. Underneath it it says Pantagruel in scratchy black handwriting.

Pantagruel Mk1

A black and white outline of a mouth holding a sausage. You can see the teeth. It's quite creepy.

Found Sausage