Chloe Pas

Charcoal on paper.

Birthday flowers

Watercolour paint on paper or a plant.


Charcoal on paper. Drawing of the British seaside.

Moody holiday

Chalk on card. Self portrait.

Self portrait

Charcoal on paper of a perfume bottle.

Perfume bottle

Watercolour paint on paper of three glass vases in a row. One green, one blue and one with flowers too.

Three Glass Vases

Red crayon on paper.

Red Bell Pepper

Chalk and paint marker pen on pink post-it notes.

Untitled 2

Watercolour on paper. With paint marker pen on top.


Water colour paint, chalk, oil pastel and felt tip on paper.


A drawing of a sea shell. Charcoal on paper.


Photographic image of two people in conversation.

Conversation in the green room

Collage. Chalk, charcoal, tissue paper and fabric, Cherry blossom twig on card.

I want to see texture.

Felt tip and fine liner on paper of a drinking glass.


Oil pastel and chalk on paper.

Royal Gala

Watercolour paint on paper.

Orange & limes

Oil pastel and chalk on paper.

New Wardrobe

Charcoal, chalk and oil pastel on paper.


Photographic picture of wood burning


Charcoal and chalk on paper.

Drink Coaster