Karen Byrne

A stitched hand made from skin coloured stretch power mesh and stuffed with hair. The hair pokes from between the tiny holes.  Handwritten text in yellow reads "Have a hand in the game"

Keep your hand in

In the background a stuffed white linen stitch with some hand stitching on it. Overlaid on the image is some hand written text that reads "I don't need your advice, thank you very much"


A sepia tinted image of a stitched fabric head filled with expanding foam that is expanding our of the bottom.  Overlaid is some handwritten text in red that reads "No one likes a cheat"

who Do You Like?

A scratchy line drawing in red against a yellow background shows a woman dressed in medieval clothes praying whilst wearing a face mask.

Lead us not into temptation

A black and yellow image of small indistinct images and text is overlaid with red handwriting. The handwriting reads "The brief slips into experimentation I learn inadvertently"


An image of stuffed and stitched textile head is overlaid with hand-written text and yellow lines.  The text reads "no time to make anything. I made breakfast for my son. I walked the dog and went to the shops for food.  I took my niece and nephews to the park to climb trees.  I took the dog along too. I fed the dog.  I made lunch.  I cleared up after lunch.  I commented on play and asked concerned questions. I thought about other people all day log and I gave my time and effort to them.  There is almost nothing left for me."

N0 time to make

A black and white image of a stuffed head made of white linen which lies on its side.  There is a photo of an eye transferred onto the linen that seems to be looking towards the viewer.  There are lines of stitching and couching curling across the cheek of the head.

With some possibility

A hand-written text describing a smelly soft sculpture

Maybe it will smell

Red handwriting sits over a yellow and black duotone image of a leg wrapped in a stitched tubular textile.  The writing reads " I try to hang on but it is futile. The harder I try the more impossible it becomes.  Time to let go."

Hanging On

Old tights are stuffed and stitched into a long tube which is wrapped around a slim leg clad in black jeans.  This image is against bright yellow background.

you have to let go

A black and yellow poster of a man peering through a window has a fluorescent pink star on it.  The type on the star read "Buy One Get One Free"


An ink drawing of a dog in profile. The title reads "The Dogs Body". Various parts of the dog's body are labelled - no arse, spineless, too skinny, snobby, selfish, vain, self-centred, bitch.  The words are highlighted in yellow.

The Dogs Body

A head made of stuffed white linen sits on a white background.  It has no features except a nose

Stuffed Linen

A stuffed red fabric head sits on a white background.  It has no features apart from a nose

Not Using Words

A poster sits in a window at night.  There are multiple shadows and reflections. The poster shows a man peering through a window, there are multiple reflections on this image which is printed in yellow and black.  The man looks concerned perhaps confused. His lips and nose are squashed against the glass

Through a glass darkly

Hand drawn text on a yellow background.  It is distorted and reposted several times and reads "I am rich with Catholic guilt it brings me no pleasure"

Rich Guilt

A small figure made from grey silver plastic wrapping and black gaffer tape nestles in white fun fur.

Working fast and badly

A camera moves back and forth over a page of pencil text along with an image of small statue of a harpy.  The harpy is s woman with the body of a bird or perhaps a bird with the head of a woman.  Overlaid on the video is yellow text that reads "Here's One I made Earlier because I spent the day with people not harpies"

Here's One I made Earlier

A bright yellow background with an image of a striped paper pouch - clipped at the top and held at the the sides by washi tape. Overlaid on this image we see a smaller semi-transparent image. It shows the same pouch at a different angle, without the clip it is open at the top to reveal the edge of an iPhone.  Handwritten text in red is in the foreground - it reads "Distraction Container?"

Device for increasing focus

12 hot cross buns sit on a baking tray.  The image has been stylised to become dark grey and yellow with the image distorted to appear roughly printed.

Buns from the Oven

A golden monument sits on a far off, green hillside. It glitters in the sunlight of a beautiful day.  It seems to be made up of letters, perhaps a word but the meaning is unclear.  It is vast and glorious

Some say it symbolises feminine power