Photo of chips of wood on a outside table a block of wood is slowly being turned into a cat shape


Photograph of Pencil drawing on graph paper. The sketchbook is on top of the bed and floral pink sheets are underneath. The drawing has sketchy and wobbly lines of different circles connecting and some shapes which make be considered trees.

Drawing with kit 2

Photo of a barely visible head of a baby fox which is mostly obscured my trees and bushes

Didn’t make any work again but did see a small baby fox

A green pencil covers the pages blue line drawing on top

Drawing with kit

Upside down version of yesterday’s photo. Green cheese plants behind glass at Victoria station toilets.

Might make some real work tomorrow

Lots of green and juicy plants in a glass room in the basement of Victoria station in the female toilets

Victoria station loos

Prebaked galette no one is more sorry than me

Iol galette

A billboard in Lewisham. The billboard is black and reads in white writing the file of Edinburgh Prince Philip 1921-2021


Photo of foil take away containers on the floor. The containers have Malaysian food inside


Screenshot of 6 photos on phone. 2 columns 3 rows. First row fake beach scene, second row pink and blue plastic waves, third row black and white cat.

Selection box

Blue digital drawing

Someone’s work from yesterday I did a drawing of 2

Digital drawing of a vase of wilting tulips. A white vase is on the right centre on a purple backdrop. Wilty tulips come from he vase and a scraggly shadow is cast

Stole someone’s work from yesterday and did a drawing of it 1

Charcoal doodle sketch on paper


Screenshot of Google maps showing area of London which has lots of pockets of water


Digital Drawing. Pale green background with a darker green abstract line drawing on top.

Long day

A photo carrot and butternut squash gallette fresh from the oven.


A blue purple photo collage, a plastic glove with one finger folded down is in the top left corner.