Caglar Tahiroglu

Bio: Çağlar Tahiroğlu is an interdisciplinary artist. Her research is mainly on the threshold between fine art and documentary imagery linked to psychology, especially on spaces where landscape, daily life and the socio- political frames are intertwined. Having completed an MSc in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology at Lyon University in 2011, she brings this field of study to my art practice by gaining an MA in Art & Science, Department of Fine art from Central St. Martins in 2018.


Instagram: @caglar.tahiroglu

Photography of a red brick wall, besides little corn fields, razor wires. In the background : some buildings , cloudy sky, a wooden crate and a tropical tree. The focus is on a plastic white chair which is upside down on a cut down tree.

Day 16

Photograph of an old wheel on a baobab tree. Legs of people are visible in the backround.


Photography of a orange mud house. A man turns his back. He is in the doorway, in half darkness. A yellow text says: “describe”.


Photography of several sheets overlapping each other. They are hanging towards the dirt.The overall scene looks worn. In the background, there is a piece of metal fence.

Nets of inclusion/exclusion

Collage of 10 artworks which resulted from an art exchange with artist Alexandra Boaru. From top left to right: A polaroid, an analogue photography with red paint, a polaroid with stiches, bw photograpy with red transparent squares, an oyster(with eye printed) on red ground, a red tulip with photo pieces, two polas of a plant linked to each other with a red thread, a hand&red threads& bw photography, various objects linked with a red thread.

My dialogue with Alexandra Boaru

An analogue photography of capadocian landscape. There are instagram tags on the sky.

My intentions were pure

A photography of (from left to right) : red thread, bone with a ship picture printed, oyster with an eye printed and a burned polaroid. These objects are linked to each other by a red thread.

Mind map

Photography of an open space with red soil and red brick housed. A teared down white net is hanging with two wooden sticks.

Inclusion net

Two polaroids are on a wood ground. They are linked to each other by a red thread. The thread entangles one, forming only a line for the other.

Looking at the same thing twice. Not at the same moment. Not with the same person.

Cat sitting in front of the table, similar to a human who is ready to eat. On the table. there are food, knifes and forks.


An oyster with an embedded b&w eye is the middle of the image. The backround is red.

She could not see any more. She gave her sight to people, to things.

Type writing on greenish recyled paper. It is written “Took shape across glass eyes. Nazar. Nazar deymiş”.


This is a washed up b&w polaroid scan with simple red&yellow emboidery elements. A barely visible women is kneeling down in a room. Her faces is covered with red and yellow lines.

İt is all in your head(where is your tool?)

This is a black and white grainy image. A man holds to his face one of my works, it is a square aluminum print. It is a work of his face, but behind a blurry curtain. The focus is on the print and his hands. Rest is blurry.

My work as a communication tool