Marianne Simonin

Bio: French artist living in London exploring female energy, Tantric symbolism and nature. The titles used are part of the creative process, and in many occasions they initiate the work.


Instagram: @mariannesimoninart

landscape seen through a lilac veil


Pearl bracelet that is X rayed


view of an open window and ceiling


Red scarf lost on stairs in a small village


Photo taken from a plane at night while returning from Spain, showing a large amount of darkness and in the middle a red and yellow line, with a blue hallow above

Night Flight

Black and white photo of a rubber giraffe cut in half found on a street.


bubbles from a resin sphere, reflecting books behind

Floating free

Part of perennial calendar showing 14 April

14th April

Bicycle wheel with grass and flowers behind, surrounded by pasted green leaves

Wild ride

Head of woman inside a glass jar


large selection of garden gnomes in the evening during a walk, with a ghostly appearance in the middle

Strange encounters

A pair or black suede boots with leopard skin heels, displayed upward, with a yellow beam above

I hold you with my feet

Interior of a room with mirror and reflection of different objects, the effect is colourful like a silkprint of the 60s


red wool and metal wire entertwined in a circular shape against a white plaster molded frame


Garden door with a chiselled window glass representing leaves.  Through the glass we see the greenery of the garden behind.


Tibetan bowl photographed from above resting on black velvet.  It shows only a golden circle against a black background


Playing cards being arranged on top of each other to obtain balance, all placed in front of an oil painting.

Life is a game of balance

Oyster shells found on the beach, one with blue pebbles inside and the other tinted yellow.

Oysters on the beach

A set af artist brushes of different sizes and colours displayed in a circular arrangement over a blank white canvas, itself on a floor with paint marks

My tools

Top of cactus with fine white hair


A empty coffee cup and a glass of water in an inox sink waiting to be washed

New morning