Fiona Bradford


Instagram: @fiona.bradford

Raindrops on a 105 x 75 canvas through my window

5 Minute Sketch

Conte sketch of Dotty and her Froggy.

Wouldn't Dream of It

To switch off  the diatribe in the brain (documenting the days progress) involves music, film, books, trashy food and painkillers

Sum of Many

Drawing of Monopoly Board Pieces with a central figure

Monopoly Days

Can a blousy tulip qualify as 'really beautiful'?   Tulip mania was a well documented phenomenon with the financial collapse of a specialized Tulip Stock Exchange in Holland around 1637.   All the more pertinent, appearing as they do, in so many vanitas paintings.  It's a 'costly beauty' I don't buy into.

No, No, a Thousand Times, No!

A bullfinch which I keep to draw.  Today would be my fathers birthday.  He was shot down in WW2 over Germany and spent his 21st birthday in POW Camp, having smashed his legs to pieces in the parachute fall.

Birthday Gift

Collaborative perspex etching originally in black ink now coloured in with watercolour

Orange Wellie

Two person collaborative perspex etching between ecologist Nikki Taylor and Fiona.  
One of us took the blank perspex & worked on it after our walk, the idea being to make marks/expressions of their own personal experience of that shared walk between Nikki & Fiona.  They then handed the worked perspex back to the other person who contributed their marks & experience from the walk.  The production of the print - inking up and the etching press mechanics was also a joint effort as both artists have limited printmaking experience

Walking With Nikki

It's said anything with lots of blue sells.  Perhaps I should have sloshed more blue everywhere.  I don't think this particular average attempt at abstract work is particularly 'commercial' - I think it's more about someone who can't make up their mind - dab,dab,dab,dab......

Are We There yet Mr Difgelbi (Not For Sale)

The image features a snapshot from 'Cold Comfort Farm' the novel by Stella Gibbon [1932].  
The scene comprises of Judith Starkadder , her randy son Seth and Viper their horse on Cold Comfort Farm just outside Howling Village in Sussex.  Sadly their cows, Graceless, Aimless, Feckless and Pointless have wandered off camera.  Big Business the bull, is where he always is, dozing the barn.

Cold Comfort Farm

Living nearby as they do, these raddled sheep are pretty much the only lifeforms to see any display I might make of my work.  
Two benefits:  
1.  I can make what I want  
2.  With the exception of the odd bleat, they are thankfully indifferent to my artistic production

The Raddled Sheep

Still Life with Asparagus made "a little less polite"

Try a Little Less Polite

Two stems of Lily of the Valley in an oval glass vase

Gilding the Lily

A chocolate/meringue jammy teacake

Jammy Teacake

When is a landscape not a landscape?  Perhaps it's a mirror or a window reflecting a landscape - alternatively it may be a placemat

Bowleaze Cove (eventually - but then again...)

My research involves a windowsill full of junk,junk,junk.  Homemade models, charity shop finds, interesting packaging, broken ornaments, a stone from the beach and a cactus.

Research Windowsill

Collage set in whimsical Renaissance landscape

Nancy Waded Out to Her Own Rocks & Searched Her Own Pools

A colourfully dressed figure heralds the onset of Spring by gathering flowers during an April shower

Dancing in the Spring in the Rain

Secluded treehouse with a wonky rope ladder at dusk

The Last Treehouse