Haydn Albrow

Website: haydnalbrow.co.uk

Instagram: @haydndoesart

A train poem about dreams and anxiety

Nervous machine

clay pipe onto the sea

that's how you overrun your sea levels

Snippet of a poem

My love language

Metal sculpture works with a poem plasma cut into the surface

Install of new work

A collaborative poem with Charles Bukowski

A collaboration with Charles Bukowski

A snippet of a poem

orca whales and belly aches

Unfired clay works photoshopped onto old works

New works on old works

Clay work in progress

crystallised dreams, crumbling teeth

clay pipes/broken pieces over a picture of seaweed

don't call it mindhorn

a poem about what i can see from the overground from Walthamstow central to Liverpool street

view from a ghost train

clay pipes for your internal plumbing

this body is a building

a poem about hangover induced anxiety


3d model of 'a love language' to cut into clay

this is my love language of dreams

cementing my jaw, slow and thick clay vessel

cementing my jaw, slow and thick

clay pipes for plumbing your mind your body

your mind your body