Beth Fox


Instagram: @bethsface

[ID: A photograph of a drawing of Britney Spears (post head shave), a print out picture of a dismantled cheeseburger and a piece of paper that says “I once read that Britney Spears ate McDonalds cheeseburgers without the buns and it made me so sad”]

waiting for deliveroo

[ID: Scanned marker drawing of a box of Mr Kipling French Fancies]


[ID: Screenshot of iPhone notes that say “The property of every sloppy minded amateur
Sloppy minded amateur
 I fell all of a sudden into an acute irritable depression as I did very often those days, and from one second to the next.
My "any man is better than none" phase.
Skating across the surface of a black lake of panic.
An ooze of people descended the escalator.”]


[ID: an ink drawings of fours sets of feet and trousers legs photographed on a wooden floor with a sheet of paper with black and blue printer squares on it lying on top obscuring torsos and heads of the figures]

Same again

[ID: photo of hands holding up an exquisite corpse drawing; an old man’s face with a big bulbous nose, he has brightly coloured butterfly wings, tentacles for legs and laced up boots. There is a speech bubble coming from his mouth that says “I don’t see that there is anything to laugh about!”

I don’t see that there is anything to laugh about!

[ID: a digital photograph of butter smeared onto the end of an orange rubber spatula in a blue kitchen. It somehow resembles Donald Trump.]


[ID: Collage. A scanned page from a retro cookery book. The top half of the page has two recipes - Citrus Surprise and Avocado Strawberry Ring. The bottom half of the page is a picture; three colourful gelatin desserts on white plates presented on a blue background.  They are a green jelly ring with strawberries in the centre, an orange jelly with white blamanche on top and a square pudding with green, yellow and red mousse layers. On top of this dessert there is a small black and white dog curled up having a nap.]

Citrus Surprise

[ID: a black and white digital photograph taken from above much like a photograph of artefacts discovered on an archeological dig. There are fourteen artefacts laid out in three rows on a gridded mat. The objects are dog chews made of dried skin and in various states of diminution]



[ID Photograph taken from the first floor window overlooking the back gardens of typical East London terrace on an overcast day. A grey squirrel is sitting on the window sill looking outwards into the garden]

I think about him all the time

[ID: A screen capture of a Guardian comment that reads: I'm at a loss as to why people think this book is so great. The prose is very average. The structure is pedestrian. The story is clumsily executed. It is long-winded and unfocussed and if this novelist had allowed her editor to edit it would have benefited from losing at least 200 pages...]


[ID Digital collage made from screen shots of a Google image search for biological models of the layers of the skin juxtaposed with images of cakes made to resemble biological models of the layers of the skin.]


[ID 3 drawings of milk alternative cartons - Oatly, Alpro Soy, Rude Health Almond milk, the packaging is drawn crudely and coloured with pro markers. Each carton is outlined heavily with black pen. The drawings are cut out on white mount card and pictured side by side on a dark brown background]