Lynda Baxter

Bio: Figurative and abstract artist working in oils and mixed media. I first started drawing and producing paintings in 2012 as a quiet therapy. I’m an avid learner and have completed diplomas at both Anteros, Norwich and under Martin Kinnear at Norfolk Painting School, via independent tutors and at The London Drawing School. In previous working lives I have been an Army Officer, had my own management consultancy and co-owned a well established restaurant, The Last Bar & Brasserie, in Norwich, UK. Whilst my style is eclectic and inquisitive, I especially enjoy figurative studies and that work is informed by artists such as Cezanne, Uglow, Schiele and Keith Vaughan who depict human nature in all its restless and quirky forms. 2020 Selected for Discerning Eye online exhibition (ordinarily at The Mall Galleries, London). 2020 ARTBOX.PROJECT, Switzerland. Three pieces selected. 2020 Autumn, St Peter Mancroft, Norwich UK. One piece selected. 2020 Joint exhibition Hubbub, Norwich UK 2019 Joint exhibition Anteros Arts, Norwich UK 2018 Joint exhibition Anteros Arts, Norwich UK

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Instagram: @lyndabaxterart

Pile of books about artists

Sitting on the shoulder of giants.

Spring cleaning and clearing the studio

Spring cleaning

As I flick through my sketchbook I can start to see similarities in what I notice and even more importantly what I enjoy: my series this year will centre around people, line, colour and these quick sketches will provide an excellent start point

Sketchbook inspiration

Note to self: find a way of cataloging previous orders.


Three collages card on mount board Pantone colours

Pantone series

West Ruston watercolour

West Ruston

Our artist collective

Never the path of least resistance

Writing over palette

Today I would have made...

Ink and charcoal life drawing several images showing movement

Life drawing

Open studios planning messages

Open Studios 2021 planning

#30works30days Day 11/30. Brief :  Take an old work and make it more commercial. I had a rummage in my big box of bits for collage and came across a little treasure trove of printing I’d done a couple of years ago when I was on the @anterosarts diploma ( @anterosartsdiploma ) here in Norwich. So I set about cutting, composing, sticking and labelling. Transformed from stuff laying around waiting, waiting, waiting for it’s moment to shine, into a Greetings Card to Keep ready for sale. I make these on heavy mount board so that they can be framed very easily by the lucky recipient.

Cards to Keep

#30works30days Day 10/30. Today’s Brief :  “Instead of making a work at work, can you make a home at home?” Whaaaat??? We’re stuck at home, in lockdown. I don’t want to be making a home at home. I want to be OUT. If you’re having a bum day today, this one’s for you. #lifedrawing #poses #body #movement #mentalhealth #artistsoninstagram

Bum day

” I may have interpreted the brief a little obliquely in order to shamelessly plug my very first limited edition prints. Seven different pieces will be on sale from Tuesday at @anterosarts Fye Bridge, Norwich. Yesterday I watched a BBC programme called Eye of the Storm about the Scottish artist  James Morrison. He produced the most evocative landscapes including a stint in the Arctic painting ice, snow,

Limited Edition

Charcoal and chalk on paper

Unknown Actor

#30works30days “Let me out” Today’s prompt: Make a work for your window. Pandemic madness. Nothing else to say on this one. #warning #badday #donotenter

Let me out

Today’s prompt:   Do you have a guilty pleasure? Well, since March last year hugging your child, your grandchild, your elderly mother or father, your brother, your sister, your grandma or grandad, your cousins and Aunty, your friends and just about everyone else has become regulated (for good reason I understand). So that makes this hug from a grandma of her little grandchild a ‘guilty pleasure’. We took it for granted when I drew this piece in 2019. What strange and alien days we live in. 😔

Grandma’s hug

#30works30days 5/30 Day 5 and today’s brief: Is there a work you've been struggling to make? Well, not exactly a ‘work’ but...hands and feet are so tricky. It seems impossible that I look at my hands a zillion times per day, yet still struggle with the number of joints in each finger! No eraser, just brush with water reservoir and Derwent Inktense pencil

Hands & Feet

#30works30days Day four 4/30. Today’s prompt: Make today a research day. I actually spent the day walking around Venta Icenorum in the sunshine with a good friend, then gardening. However, the prompt made me consider my ongoing research into contemporary and traditional life and portraiture drawing. The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries this year is next month. Hopefully we will be able to burrow out of lockdown to visit 6-15th May at the Mall Galleries. #mallgalleries #portraitpainting #portraitdrawing #lifedrawing #penandink #ventaicenorum #romanremai


#30works30days    Day 3/30. Today’s prompt is about making tools to help in my work. We walked on the beach today. Some tools here that I picked off the sand for mark making, much more though they are inspirational tools: colour, pattern, form, light and shadow. I know we can’t improve on nature, but what a wealth of beauty when we really open our eyes to look with intent. #seaside #beach #treasure #beachcombing #nature #shells #inspiration #makingarteveryday #print #printmaking


Collages ready for sale. Completed the job today.

Job done

Pastel and chalk on paper.
Question: "Could your work have another function?"
Answer: This piece would work as signage for a washroom in a trendy hotel

Green Woman.