Bacsó Anna

Fun and colourful archive for a vacant space in Margate.

Archive in the Sunshine Cafe

Fun workshop illustration. 
Drawing produced in Rhino 3D.

Sunshine Cafe

Inside of the Sunshine cafe. 
Place for exhibitions and fun meetings. 
Drawing produced in Rhino 3D

Sunshine Cafe

Drawing produced in Rhino 3D. 
It’s a scenario proposed for the Dreamland Building in Margate.

Sunshine Cafe

Something small can mean the world to some

Small gestures

When dog walking I’ve seen this beautiful tree. It was windy, I kept thinking that few days ago felt like summer. And today, am I lost? Am I dreaming? Is it already November? Does the time fly this quickly?

Cold wind

Forest Drawn with soft pastels.

Walking in the forest

Celebrating easter with Traditional Hungarian egg painting.

Happy easter!

Relaxing painting. By not thinking and just painting you forget the everyday stress.


Entrance of the Sunshine and cafe. Next to Dreamland, Margate.

Entering the Sunshine cafe

Entering the sunshine cafe. The person it’s yet to be surprised. Inside the sunshine cafe tomorrow. The sunshine cafe it’s a vacant space in Margate, next to Dreamland. I’m currently working on a proposed scenario for this place.

Way to heaven