Marcin Ciszek

Bio: Marcin Ciszek is an audio-visual artist based in London. As well as his own name, he works under pseudonyms Retronerd and Marc Baudelaire. Ciszek's works have been presented in a variety of venues, from Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, Brasil, Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, Spain and art galleries in London to underground film festivals in U.S.A and Russia.


Instagram: @

a distorted image of Limited sign


Taking the unsolicited advice

an internet image showing a thermometer sunlight and words Heat Wave adjusted into Cheat Wave by adding letter C in the front.

C-Heat Wave

marker on paper 
A sketch portrait showing a male art administrator.

Art Administrator

Painting Documentation

Break-fast while T(f)rying


Noise Band

Sleepy Kuba 2

Sleepy Kuba

a photographic self portrait from 2018, placed in a virtual gallery space made look alike Andy Warhol's installation view.

Self Warholized

an on-wall installation comprising of an A4 landscape oil painting-an interpretation of Polish Flag and archival family pictures.


a digitally manipulated image of a room showing two corner bright windows and a fragment of ceiling with a lamp.

Virtual Room

Be Careful

Sonata For Single Glazed Windows

gif picture based on an original FA logo


Blow Job

Photo-reference to a cover of the iconic record of The Velvet Underground and Nico, designed by Andy Warhol (1967).

Velvet Overground (Peel Session)

digital black and white photograph
dimensions variable

Self- Iron-Y

digital photo with marking

Sunbed Head-Set

oil on dishcloth
30 X 30 cm