Ashley McDow


Instagram: @Occipinti

A black and white bag labelled Seed mix of climbing flowers.

Seed Mix of Climbing Flowers

A simple smilie face drawn on the side of a hand holding a mug


Coloured ink allowed to run around the page. Creating irregular geometric shapes with right angles.

Least resistance


Video of a painted plant pot. The plant pot resembles a side free of three naked woman. A black woman, a pink woman and a white woman. The pot turns to reveal breasts, bellybutton and feet.

Bosom continued

A plant pot painted with black, pink and white boobs. Side view.


Flower and bird placement art. Watercolour and black pen outline. Colours transition from greens and blues to yellow and reds

Stencil Art

A close up photograph of half a cabbage. Shapes reveal a network of purple and white swirls.


Watercolour flowers dancing on a page in pinks and greens

For Philip

Black and white flowers drawn with black pen. Sections of the flowers have been filled with different patterns. For example dots and stripes

Doodle daisy

Pencil outline of a window. The window is long and thin to the left side. A curtain sits to the right. An aloe Vera plant is to the right of the curtain. Buildings and trees can be seen through the window.

Window outline

Watercolour painting of a mountain landscape. Mountains in the distance are a dark grey blue with Sandy tones. Front hills are cast in hues of green. A small dark figure atop one of the mountains stands looking.

Not so guilty pleasure

Photograph of an open sketchbook with a pencil Drawing of a sleeping dog.


Brown paper bag with hand painted flowers

Bag of Bulbs

Grated Beetroot in a pan of water. Red colouring dispersing across the water

Follow the Beet

Pastel drawing of the Sun and Moon. Circular orange and yellow shape represents the Sun. Grey and black circular shape represents the Moon.

Sun & Moon

A pot of hand painted flowers. Including daffodils, red tulips and Purple Armeniacum. Showing the layers of bulbs in the pot.

Bulb Lasagna - Grow, Sustain, Live harmoniously together, Give, Subside, Regenerat