Christy Ho

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Sketching some antiques that I saw in the store in Camden Town.



Girl portrait


An illustration story plotted by my friend and painted by me.

Illustration book

Every room needs light.
This is an experimental piece.

Every room needs light

A very rough sketch of a home looking


I don’t know

I don’t know

I tend to paint traditionally most of the time. This time I get to try on the colour filling technique.

Digital art

Maybe I can print this on the curtain.. trying to complement my window

Hansel and Gretel

Think I listen to way too many pop songs👀

Guilty pleasure *

Not a digital person here. But I tried

A digital art piece

Easter :D

Easter research

My cutlery

My cutlery

It’s good Friday today and I really like rabbits ❤️

My rabbit

I realise both my weakness and strength, my feeling from painting.

Self realisation