Thomas Griffiths


Instagram: @Tlgrrrr

A CGI love heart is central to the image. There are leaks protruding at random from the surface. B


A rectangular banner is suspended by rope on either side, which drops to the floor on the left side. Fastened by turnbuckles and screwed to the wall. The banner reads 'you said it everyday until I believed it' there is an abstract pattern acting as a border, surrounded by love hearts.

You said it everyday until I believed it (collaboration with James McColl)

A CGI love heart is impaled by arrows and leaks from each puncture.

Val x Seb

A CGI image of a rectangular concrete block has 2 yellow arch handles at the top border, in the middle of the bars is a hole. Beneath this, a downward pointing arrow points towards another hole below it.

It's Temporary (Block)

A concrete rectangular block has a hole near the top central edge with another directly below. Beneath these is an upward facing arrow.

It's Temporary (Block)

A CGI concrete block has a left pointing arrow embossed in the centre, situated in between 2 holes  at the top and bottom left of the concrete block. On the right edge of the frame are yellow arched brackets, they are vertical and are either side of the base of the arrow.

It's Temporary (Block)

A video still of many water droplets that are filmed up close. The movement trickled downward.


A CGI render of a locker. There are 2 doors one above and below. A sock hangs underneath the top locker door, which appears slightly ajar.

Proto Locker

A CGI re-imagined punch ball. The base is on the right of the image, in which a pole extends upward from the centre. It is slumped halfway and the punchball rests against the ground in the centre of the image.

Punch Ball

A helmet rests to the left on a chipboard desk, to the right is a replica plaster mould showing the hollow inside.

Test WIP

A CGI of a tree stump is rooted centrally within the image. It has a cartoon-like aesthetic. There are 2 axes cembedded in the top of the trunk, they are at a 45 degree angle and cross over one another, they have plaid pattern handles.

Got Wood? (Stumped)

A CGI still depicting a scene of club toilets, the room has large rectangle tiles on the wall and floor, there are 2 sinks on the left with a mirror above, 3 urinals are lined in the centre and a cubicle is on the right.

I Feel Love (WIP)

A CGI of a concrete barrier is in the centre of the image, slightly angled. The barrier has a hole in the centre, an arrow either side points towards it. Pink liquid leaks out of another hole in the bottom left corner of the barrier.

It's Temporary (Barrier)