Victoria Coster

Instagram: @v_coster

A digital frame holds the word "Integrity" ... this is my response to the Day 21 question "what;s your responsibility as a maker?".


Photo of shredded work with the words YOU COULD JUST SHRED IT written over the top.  This was my unsolicited advice.

Unsolicted advice.

Screen shot of a creative commons cheat sheet, a juice box image with information about how the image can be used.

Cheat Sheet

Art Admin

All in one place : Documetning the last 16 days.

Two hands filing nails with glass file on a loop, waiting for video to render.

2 Birds 1 Stone

Six windows show a hand pulling a small bell hung from string, it's let go off and meets resistance as it bounces onto a wall.  This is a silent black and white gif.

Meeting Resistance

Day 14

Faking it, Remaking it.

Faking it.

Re-working of day 7.  A digital line drawn frame sits empty on a white background.

The pretentious offering of an unknown artist.

Home at home.

Digital collage of various floors laid out as a floor plan for a gallery space.

Floor Plan

On being predictable.

The words Love not Hate are printed on A4 sheets and taped with masking tape facing out of the window, a cat sits on in view looking out onto the street.


On the left are a series of film stills from 2005/2006, from an earlier video I made titled breaking rule 53, on the the right a re-enactment of licking the bowl.

Re-enactment of breaking rule 53


A hand drawing of a portrait in profile shows the brain at work, mapping the process of research which is drawn in arrows, scrawled notes, scribbles, cross outs, corrections and a notes to self.  The drawing has then been taken through a digital process to then become the object of research, the testing of methods is what the image then represents.

Mind Map

Sticky Mitt

Deconstructed objects balance precariously, a metal table frame, a wooden frame, a narrow plinth all positioned on and against a standing easel.  I sit for a moment in-between making, between playing, between experimenting, I look at the space between the forms, the space between thoughts.

Space between thoughts

A small red cat collar bell hangs from torn frayed string, taped directly to the wall with yellow parcel packing tape, on which is handwritten the words "Return to Pavlov!"

Return to Pavlov