Jane Wateridge

A1 sheet of thick white cartridge paper divided with masking tape into 8 rectangles. The surface is covered with flowing lines and small watery splashes of coloured inks. Burnt orange watercolour ink with black Kandahar Indian ink and turquoise green calligraphy ink, both of which are waterproof when dry. At some point in the development of this piece the artist will remove the tape thereby dividing the whole sheet into 8 sections.

Playtime! Ink 1a.

A2 acrylic painting on paper using black, alizarin crimson, yellow ochre and white paint with rapid, energetic brushstrokes.

Woodland Sunshine

A2 mixed media painting on thick white cartridge paper with much of the white showing around the edges. Random black acrylic paint splodges with sap green areas and burnt sienna broken lines of paint directly from the tube. Lines, squiggles and splashes of black media expressing the sounds of traffic and birds and children outside my studio window. A friend wants to buy this one so I guess that makes it successful on some level but I shall keep on exploring the different media I have collected in my studio during many years of perusing Art Shops, buying stuff and not using it!

Sound and Vision from Studio 4

A3 acrylic painting on cartridge paper, portrait format. Along the river Ouse from Lewes towards Newhaven there are houses one of which stands in the left of the foreground, behind the designer house and rusty fencing is the chalk face of the Downs. So lots of dirty white chalk stained with light green scrub and wild shrubs, a dark green edge to the top of the chalk cliff and dark grey/black shadow in the rain gully which runs top to bottom. Red cadmium and burnt sienna foreground fencing and scribbled scrub to the foreground. The river is not in view but is between the scrub and house.

Along the River Ouse

A3 acrylic painting of an impression of the South Downs it’s quite dark as was my mood.

The Dark Side the Downs.

A3 mixed media painting on paper. The blue grey mix of background paint which represents the greyness of the sky, is covered in outlined shapes and scribbled squiggles in black compressed charcoal, Russian blue acrylic paint, light green and turquoise chalk pastel lines and white acrylic splashes.. The whole area is covered with a semi-gloss acrylic sealant giving it a slightly wet appearance.

El Día Catorce Experimentamo.

A3 acrylic painting on heavy cartridge paper using White, Ultramarine and Payne’s Grey smoothed across the paper with brush and a hard roller. Narrow vertical lines scratched into the wet paint top to bottom. No other marks, shapes or images. Just simplicity, peace and calm, my favourite place.

Favourite Place

A2 acrylic painting of a wet woodland space with rugged branches in black with oak leaf green areas and ultramarine heavily mixed with black and white paint to give areas of blue grey. Splashes and splurges of watery black give a feeling of wetlands.

Dia Doce

A2 mixed media painting on cartridge paper, depicting the abstract impression of couples, in red or black paint, walking along under a dark undulating canopy. The couples stroll left to right across the middle of the painting, spaces between hint at intimate conversations or social distancing. Under their feet runs a stream of mid blue paint and a dark watery black walkway whilst overhead to the right a green hillock with yellow daffodils and above are red and oak green branches. The sky is cerulean blue scrubby paint.

La Pasarela

A3 mixed media on white cartridge paper. Swathes of black vertical areas with, burnt sienna and yellow ochre acrylic paint applied with fingers. Black compressed charcoal lines, dots, smudges and squiggles overlaid with turquoise and light green chalk pastel squiggles. The imaginary river runs through a black archway, down some steps and onwards travelling right to left. Occasional leaf patterns drawn with compressed charcoal which is as black as the night with no stars.

River Runs Through

A3 black charcoal drawing on white cartridge paper. An abstract rendition of a daily walk, passing the Mount in Mountfield Road and along Priory Street towards Southover Church, turning left to pass underneath the arched railway tunnel and onwards towards the Priory ruins and onward crossing Convent Field with the chalky South Downs in the distance and sounds of traffic on the duel carriageway from Brighton towards Eastbourne and of young children laughing in the playground and older ones sitting on the grass chatting or running around playing ball games.

Walking Drawing Studio to Priory

A very loose and energetic semi abstract painting on A3 cartridge paper of a solo riverside walk. Created back in the studio from memory and the sounds of birds, the distant traffic, a man bailing out his sail boat, people with children and lots of dog walkers. Acrylic paint in cobalt blue, perinone orange and cadmium yellow mixed with black and white. I used a painting knife to smear paint over a wet background and my fingers plus a small round and a large flat brush. There is a horizon even and the Downs with chalk face falling towards the river. My friends advice was not worry, keep going!

Riverside Walk, Lewes.

This is an A2 mixed media painting of red roses and long green leaves on a splattered white painted ground. Black lines around the leaves and other loosely drawn floral shapes with random squiggles of magenta, orange and bright green and splashes of red and grey paint. The flowers and leaves were being sorted out to compost as some were past their best, but they fell onto the floor in a terrible mess and that is how this piece looks to me now. I may draw back into it or rip it up choosing the most interesting areas to collage into another painting.

Fallen Flowers

A small, fluid, freehand drawing on a 16 centimetre square of thick white cartridge paper, using water soluble crayons in black and sienna. Firstly there are just scribbled circular marks,  instead of water the artist dips a brush into a glass of white wine, a guilty pleasure. What then appears on the paper is a dog’s bear like head, one front leg and paw, then a back leg and a childlike figure holding on to the dog. The child’s arm reaches upwards as if to grab at something it probably shouldn’t as the dog stands quietly to help.

Bear Dog with Child. Wine Drawing

A2 mixed media sketch from a photograph taken on Easter Sunday whilst walking with my 9 year old Grandson, his parents and their young collie dog called Bear. A narrow, shallow stream runs diagonally in black paint with squiggles, lines and splashes of light blue and small areas of grey paint to depict flowing water. Pale coloured rock like shapes in the foreground and pale olive green areas overdrawn with turquoise and burnt sienna chalk pastel. Dark areas of woodland beyond the stream with a lighter green area between. Sunlight through the trees in splashes and squiggles of colour as before.

Woodland Walk Laughton

Photograph of the artist standing at her studio table, wearing a paint splattered apron, her face fading into the buildings outside. On the table are paint brushes and pots, a pile of sketchbooks and a coffee mug with coloured stripes.  Behind the table a pine wood trolley and pale blue dining chair caught in the sunlight against the reflection of buildings and trees outside.

Inside Outside, Research in Reflection

Soundscape is a sound landscape from my studio window. A3 on cartridge paper drawn with charcoal, turquoise blue chalk pastel and black compressed charcoal each one individually attached to sticks picked up a short walk from my studio. Scribbled lines relating to the sounds of the birds, traffic and people on the street below. Then sprayed with water so areas of alizarin and squiggles of yellow acrylic paint could be smeared with the edge of my hand.

Soundscape from Studio 2

A very loose mixed media painting of flowers, magenta, red, yellow and green on a splattered white background with under painted leaves and stems and just a hint of a bulbous glass vase. Size A2.

Flowers from Susan

Charcoal scribbled skyline with yellow ochre splashes and turquoise wriggly lines below. Black outlines of trees and shrubs in the foreground. A very abstract view of the Sussex Downs from my 3rd floor studio window.

Day One Studio 3