Angus Fernie


Instagram: @@fernieangus

gouache on paper, 9.5cm x 17.5cm,
a plant and chair sit in a room with shadows extending towards the viewer. pink walls and blue floors.

Plant and chair grow shadows

gouache on paper, a4. An  emerald palm plant sits on a blue chair on an orange floor by a yellow wall.

Plant on chair

Gouache on paper, 10cm x 15cm. a red chair faces away with shadow cast in the direction the chair is facing

red chair (facing away)

gouache on paper,
a blue plant pot with three stems emerging. one leaf is a circle, one is a square, and one is a triangle. the background is yellow.

Growing shapes

Gouache on paper 
10cm x 15cm
A swiss cheese plant sits by a window in an empty orange room. weather; moderate.

A plant remembered

watercolour on paper,
10cm x 15cm
a swiss cheese plant on the blue ground with a long shadow.

Plant in a pot

watercolour on paper,
an interior still life window scene with table, chair, plant and wine is surrounded by coloured squares mirroring the colours of the room

poorly rendered room

watercolour on paper,

a mantlepiece still life with plants and books is seen centred in the image surrounded by coloured squares mirroring the colours within the still life.

Mantle Peace

watercolour on paper, 10cm x15cm. a landscape with eponymous sun, tree and horse surrounded by blocks of colour mirroring the tones of the landscape scene

Sun, Horse, tree

watercolour on paper, 10cm x 15cm. A swiss cheese plant with a triangular patterned background is surrounded by coloured squares mimicking the colours in the still life itself.


watercolour on paper, 10cmx 15cm. a plant in a window  scene in the corner surrounded by coloured blocks, mirroring the colours of the still life

Plant for a Window

watercolour on paper, a4. A bowl of tangerines in a red transparent bowl with yellow walls and blue ground. Coloured blocks, simillar to the colours within the central image, surround the square image.

Tangerines in red bowl

watercolour on paper,

colourful squares surround an overlapping triangle, square and circle.


a4 , watercolour on paper. an homage to paul klee in rug painting form with various overlapping shapes with muted colours

Klee Rug

a3, watercolour on paper. a large rug fills the page with yellow triangles, blue squares, and red circles. occasionally overlapping

A larger Rug

a4, watercolour on paper. A green rug with yellow triangles, orange circles and blue squares. Overlapping at times.

Another Rug

Watercolour on paper, a4, a patterned rug with yellow triangles, blue zig zags, red semi-circles and green squares. an orange circle in the centre and tassels at both ends of the rug. nothing underneath.