Genevieve Davis

Instagram: @genevieve_cameo

Personal Statement


oH God

In Bed

Clown Zine no 2

Lachalan anmd gen do a thing

Clown Zine

Clown soap bar

photo of a bedroom in a wooden campervan


I don't know yet


The words 'Doreen' and 'Gary' in two hearts. With pink and yellow pastel.


A photo of singer Alanis Morisette with pink text that says: Thank you Thank you in the top right of the picture.


Sci - one day

Louie in the sunshine

Stick laying on a dark floor wrapped with rope, and lit with red light.


Up close selfie of a blonde haired person with clown features and a beard drawn on.

Clown Paradise

An abstract mixed media 2D work with bright colours of yellow, blue, and pink with black ink shooting out from the centre of the page.