Cecily Loveys Jervoise

Bio: mud lover 🌱🍃✨

Website: cecilyloveysjervoise.com

Instagram: @cecilylj

Some objects on a shelf: some plant like looking ceramics, a glass bottle of water with an avo seed growing in, some peices of plastic packing, a mini cauldron and a small clay cup.

shelf life 9/4

A 4 pronged tool with a yellow handle held up in front of a half built clay vessel.

fave tool

Some mud and rocks in a seive over a bucket with water being poured over

pond to pot

A massive clump of wet yellow clay sits, hunched on a benchtop.

lunch time

A loose soft pastel drawing of organic forms with long things coming out of them in natural blues yellows and browns.


A screenshot of a note written on a phone saying to rub pot with scrim or fabric and rest on more fabric. Small digital drawing of a pot with pattern on underneath.

how to shine a lot without chemicals

Long pale grass lumps with a dog trotting towards camera

Zig zog

a sketchbook shows a loose drawing of a flower and garden. The flower which was drawn lies on the paper.

mum's what's this one

Rhubarb growing from earth under a pot being held at an angle.