Joan Higgins

This is a collage using images of an old unpaid bill and some off cuts of prints and other scraps. It’s a monochrome collection of items.

Pay the bills

This is a small black and white pen and ink drawing on Khadi paper. Abstract pattern.

I liked it better when ...

This is a black and white etching, with aquatint, on Somerset paper. It’s one of the first aquatints I made (around 2014) -  and my favourite.  Beginner’s luck. The subject is a bunch of asparagus and, as it is currently asparagus season, I’m giving the etching another outing.

One I made earlier ...

Been meaning to tidy up my study since I did some ‘nest’ drawings, for a book, a few weeks ago, so that I can get on with new work.
This is a drawing of a nest for a book project called ‘Shelter’. It’s a concertina structure, with a card cover secured by a twig.


I decided to try out some of the shapes, colours and techniques I wanted to use on some postcards. The image is of 3 postcards, illustrated with coloured shapes and trace monoprint. I might send them to friends. Everyone loves a postcard.

Everyone loves a postcard ...

This is an image created while waiting for the tea to brew. It’s a drawing, in a green marker pen, of a tea cup. On top of the first image, I’ve drawn another cup in trace monotype, using black ink.

Tea time

I used wax resist and ink to creat various abstract images. This is a blue ink on handmade Khadi paper, which absorbs water and ink well. I enjoy using resists, especially in etching because they often throw up unexpected results.

Cannot resist.

I am planning an artist book, with the title ‘Body Language’. I have decided on the content (which will be about hands) and the structure and binding. It will be a concertina with hard cover, bound in book cloth. I have drafted the text but am not sure yet whether and how to include it (possibly type). The images will be coloured ink, layered with trace monoprint. The next stage will be to decide on the shape and size of the book and to make a mock up.

An artist book

This is a print which combines a green ink sphere with a black print on top. It’s a reworking of yesterday’s image which had a trace monoprint on top.

Reworking, reframing

This is a combination of marker pen and trace monoprint. I was going through various images in my sketchbook and decided to print on top of them, so the collaboration is between last week’s me and today’s me. It was fun.

Collaborating with myself

This is a dry point etching which I did on a residency in Venice. It’s based on wallpaper in the Palazzo Mocenigo. I made lots of prints at the time but didn’t have time to do anything with them. I’m going to go back to them and use them in artist books and collage. Thank you for the prompt.


This is an aquatint print of a favourite armchair, which I made a while ago.

A favourite armchair

I make artist books and there is always a question about how they should be displayed at Book Fairs. This is a photograph of two of my recent books asking viewers to ‘Please Touch’ them. I think books should be handled.

Please handle

I usually work in monochrome. The feedback I received was ‘add a pop of colour’, so this is one of my small black and white prints with a splash of red ink. It’s a monotype.

A pop of colour

Print and collage. View through the window.


Collage with a few favourite things.

A few pleasures. No guilt.

I make artist books and one of my most recent was about place names (or ‘toponyms’). I planned to make a second, on the same theme, but wasn’t getting round to it. In response to the brief, I started it today. It is a collage, using my own prints, based on Robert Macfarlane’ s book ‘Landmarks’.


A rubber stamp, cut to represent a book and library. Stamp and printing ink.

Making books, reading books: a research day

I am enjoying some rubber stamp cutting for this 30 day challenge.

Here’s the tool I use most!

I enjoy making prints. It’s too much to say that printmaking ‘brings me joy’ but it’s fun. Here is today’s print.


I make artists books and I have been playing around with a simple structure with cut outs, for this first post.

Shapes and Shadows